Spliiting a long DVD into two?



Dear List,

I love AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, and use it for almost all my DVD copying. However, I’m finding it hard to understand the directions for splitting a very long movie (like Gladiator or King Kong) into 2 smaller DVD’s.

Is there a simple step by step guide somewhere? I find the Help File instructions with CloneDVD2 to be confusing.

Thank you.



all you simply have to do is use the scissor tool in clonedvd2.

click the scissors then drag the slider bar back to the point at which you’d like to cut for the first dvd. burn the first dvd.

then for the second dvd you drag the slider on the left side to the point at which you ended the first movie (so you can begin from that point) and burn the rest.


Thanks for the reply.

I did what you suggested (used the scissors to move the slider), and then clicked the Next button. After analysis, CloneDVD2 still showed about a 64% quality rate, instead of the 100% I expected.

I’m burning the DVD now, so we’ll see what happens!



You should try to read the CloneDVD2 manual where splitting is very well explained.


he said he did read the help file and found it mtoo confusing.

i thought it was very clearly explained as well though so hopefully my additional explanation will help…


Sorry, I overlooked this.
But then he might not have read this important part as well:

HINT: If you want to split a multi-angle movie, please cut off the same chapters for each camera angle. You can easily recognize titles with different camera angles, as they all have the same playing time!


I’m doing something wrong. I just played the DVD I thought I’d split (Gladiator, Extended Version), and I see that the entire DVD movie is on one disk.

Back to the drawing board,



Dear Fellas,

Here’s what I’ve done.

I clicked on Copy DVD Titles.

CloneDVD2 shows 53% DVD Quality. Preserve Menus is not checked, and I leave it unchecked.

I click on the Preview Tab, and then click on the Scissors icon. I drag the slider a little past the halfway point, which shows 1 hour and 38 minutes, and a chapter heading.

I click Next, and now the DVD quality is 64%. I burn the DVD, and the whole movie is on the DVD.

I go back and try it again, without using the scissors at all, and I still show 64% Quality.

So it’s obvious I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone help?




You have to have preserve menus checked. Use % compression as a guide, not time. Should be 100% for both halves, no compression at all…


Dear Bilbo,

Thanks for your help.

I checked “Preserve Menus”, and CloneDVD2 showed 51% Quality.

I clicked on the Scissors, dragged the slider to about the halfway mark, clicked on the Stop icon on the left (to stop the video from playing in the preview screen), and then clicked Next.

CloneDVD2 then showed 61% quality.

I go Back and move the slider so that only 38 minutes of the movie is selected (instead of about 90 minutes as before). I click Next, and again I show only 61% Quality.

I’m in error somewhere…



does the movie you’re trying to split have multiple angles?



Splitting: If you want to copy the whole DVD or you want to copy a movie with extra length, it is advisable to split it over two DVD media. First of all you have to select “preserve menus” for keeping the overview. Via the “chapter cutting” function you can split the main movie in two parts while selecting for example the chapters 1-9 for the first DVD media. Select now further titles like “Special Features” and start the copying process for the first DVD media. When the copying process has finished, please click on the “Back” button until you reach the window with the title selection. Please click with the right mouse button into the title selection dialogue: You can invert your selection for the first DVD media, like in this example, it means that the chapters 10-16 of the main movie and the rest of the titles will be automatically selected

HINT: If you want to split a multi-angle movie, please cut off the same chapters for each camera angle. You can easily recognize titles with different camera angles, as they all have the same playing time!

Can’t get much simpler than this…


Dear reasonsnotrules:

You asked:" does the movie you’re trying to split have multiple angles?"

I don’t know. The movie is “Gladiator”. It has 31 chapters, and none of them are the exact same length. I don’t know what it means, but chapter 1 is 2:50:47, and Chapter 2 is 2:34:51. All the other chapters vary from :10 to :35.



Dear Bilbo,

You wrote:

“Can’t get much simpler than this…”

I agree with you. It sounds simple, and that’s why I’m so frustrated. I think I’m doing what the Help File says, but it’s not working. So I’m making a mistake somewhere, and trying to figure out where…



Instructions for backing up Gladiator Extended Edition (3-Disk Set, R1 USA) with CloneDVD2:

Disk One = the extended version AND the theatrical version.
Disk Two = Special Features.
Disk Three = Special Features.

Disk One scissors/spliting instructions:
Don’t eliminate any title sets [I]or[/I] tracks from this backup since you are splitting it onto two backup disks. It would cause bigtime playback problems and you have the split-backup disk-space to be able to keep them all anyway. Since both movie versions interact with each other and are included on Disk One, you cannot do this backup with the “movie only method”. [I]And[/I] you [I]must[/I] keep Preserve Menu" checked-“on” to be able to choose which version you want to playback (extended or original theatrical) from both of your resulting split backup disks. And also you must preserve menus for the default audio and “trivia” subtitle track choices to play correctly.

So, to repeat (and to be simple about these directions) keep all smaller title sets, since there is alot of interaction between the Exteded-version and the smaller title sets which you will find difficult to figure out. Also keep all audio and subtitle tracks so that the “Trivia Tracks” (which operate similar to infinifilm tracks on other movies) will work correctly should you choose to enjoy them on playback.

Now for the split:

On backup disk #1 split as follows:
TS 01: include Chapters 1-14 (Exteded Version ie longer time)
TS 02: include Chapters 1-14 (Theatrical Version ie shorter time)

On backup disk #2 split as follows:
TS 01: include Chapters 15-29
TS 02: include Chapters 15-29

Bang you’re done at 100% quality on both disks! Don’t forget that upon playing back backup disk #2, that you have to choose again (from the menu) the version that you want to watch.

The above members including James were correct that you are experiencing “Angle” splitting problems. They just didn’t pull out their originals or look at their notes to review how they backed up the second Gladiator (extended) release last August.

On this DVD release, TS 01 and 02 are not labled “Angles”. Ridley Scott worked closely with the DVD authoring crew on this release. And they chose to not label the Titlesets as “angles”. I also suspect they didn’t want to pay royalties to infinifilm so they devised their own method and called it “Trivia Tracks”.

Best regards,


Just read above that you are seeing 31 chapters. I get 29 chapters. What region, country etc is your DVD release of Gladiator Exteded version? Is it the 3-disk set?

If you have other than R1, USA then follow the instructions above but juggle the split of TS01 and TS 02 between backup disk#1 and backup disk#2 till you get your 31 chapters at 100% on both backup disks. BUT(!) both TS01 & 02 must be both split on the SAME chapter.




It has 31 chapters, and none of them are the exact same length. I don’t know what it means, but chapter 1 is 2:50:47, and Chapter 2 is 2:34:51. All the other chapters vary from :10 to :35.
in your post, you are mistakenly calling a TS (titleset) a “Chapter”. So I think this is why you think you have 31 chapters(?)


so it WAS a movie that has inseperable titlesets. it’s not really multi-angle, but it’s the same principle.

good to see you around whisperer, and great detailed explanation. i was just about to sit down to try to write a step by step guide for him myself…saved me some work :slight_smile:


Just confirmed it from my original:

There [I]ARE[/I] 31 TS’ (titlesets) to this DVD release but there are [I]ONLY[/I] 29 chapters to the movie. In other words, don’t mix up what titlesets (TS) are with what a main movie chapter is.

The Chapters of both versions of the movie are only visible on the scissors slider bar. You are just using the wrong terminology. You must keep everything on this DVD release but split only the chapters of TS01 & TS 02 exactly as i posted above.

Also see edit on my last post above.

Reasonsnotrules: thanks. I’m around but bring myself to respond to the simple, “could have used seach to find an answer” type questions any more! And of course the “Attitude” type posters and “Rental” tester plants trying to get cdfreaks into trouble. This DVD release was pretty tough and I can understand why a newbie could get confused even if BobSmith32 did know how to use the scissors icon feature.


One last note to BobSmith32,

If you were that confused about what a chapter and a TS is, then I bet I know what your issue is.

When you click on the “Scissors” icon to do you split, the sliders everyone is telling you to use to split both 01 and 02 onto two disks are [I]not[/I] the big grey slider … they are the small blue “triangle” slider buttons on the yellow slider bar (below the big grey slider) which will move (slide) by using your mouse to drag the blue triangle sliders. You must “highlight” the TS (01 or 02) you are splitting … then click on the Scissors icon and then split the TS chapters on the small yellow slider bar. You must repeat these steps for both 01 & 02.

In other words, you must highlight and split TS 01 and then highlight and split TS 02 in two separate actions for BU disk#1 and, after completing the burn on BU disk#1, You must do it again for BU disk#2 but this time splitting for chapters 15-29 on both TS 01 & 02.

IE do it for both the chapter split of 1-14 for backup disk#1. Then after you complete complete the burn of backup disk#1 you must go back a reset-up the chapters 15-29 split for your backup disk#2.

The readouts will appear in the text of the highlighted TS on the right-hand pane of CloneDVD’s interface were you can also see that the “Quality Bar” goes to 100% after both 01 and 02 have been split.

Sorry to others if this seemed too repetative an explaination but I think BobSmith32’s thinking is too “high concept” and doesn’t grasp how easy and “low concept” the splitting feature is. …not to be taken as a dis.



Dear Friends,

Thanks for all your tips. I’m going to have to print out all your instructions, for upon first glance they do seem a bit confusing.

Yes, I was using the large gray slider…not the yellow line and the triangles.

Yes, I don’t know the difference between a TS and a Chapter. All I know is that CloneDVD2 shows 31 entries listed in the title column. 01 has a play time of 2:50, and 02 has a play time of 2:34.