Splicing standard molex to 4 pin 12v power plug for motherboard



I have a dead PSU, the motherboard it was powering requires a 4 pin 12v power plug for the CPU, as well as the standard power connector. I have a good ATX PSU, but it doesn’t the 4 pin 12v plug, can I make one/splice one into the good PSU using the 4 pin plug from the dead PSU and standard molex plug?

I found a pic of basically what I think I am talking about:



Hook both the yellows of the 4 pin to the yellow 12V on the molex, hook the black grounds of the 4 pin to each of the black grounds on the molex, job done.

I did this for years as I had a nice ATX without the 4 pin that I converted when I got a P4 system. Ran like that another two years spliced.


Thanks bro! I will give it a try! :iagree:


My only concern is that that 4 pin molex is designed to deliver plenty of power if nessasary. If you use such an adapter, I would keep it as the only thing on that line (no aditional devices chained to itfor that wire bundle).


Well, the PSU I was going to splice into is only 235w, and that is not sufficient power for the computer it would have been going into. I am just going to order a new PSU and be done with it. :iagree:


Have you read the cdfreaks stiky about combining power supplys? It might or might not help you?
What are you trying to do?


Thanks bro, I was just about to look at that thread.

I have a buddy whose PSU burned out, and was trying to save a few bucks. I have a cheap 500w I might wire together with the 235w, I really don’t know exactly what I’m going to do at this point.


Your buddy may end up with more than a PSU fried if your DIY goes wrong. There’s a few articles dotted around on how to combine ATX PSU’s but I’d be very careful messing with AC power. Best spend a little extra and acquire the peace of mind that goes along with it.


thank you this helped me