Spit & Dirty Drawers!

I have a NEC 2510A and just burned my ONE Verbatim DL disk with a file I created from Kill Bill and DVD Shrink 3.1. I burned it with Nero burning ROM No compression was used. It completed successfully according to Nero and plays fine in my NEC but not my brand new Pioneer DV-578A.

I spent a while perusing this forum before I posted and saw the words “NO DISK” elsewhere. But I am WAY over my head on this stuff. I don’t have the dinero to buy a more expensive player. Have I blown it? Is a firmware release possible? Is it because I forgot to replace my tinfoil hat and bra chinstrap and the MPAA are wreaking their revenge?



I have aquired some new words in my vocabulary.

Bitsetting and Herrie. Do I want the DOS version? Will this work?


Yes it will work fine except you have to flash it in DOS and after it will be a 2500 but it will still do DL. My real 2500 after his hacks burned one of those disks just great, good luck.

Here’s yet another question; how do I flash it in DOS? I am running XP and I didn’t think it had “real” DOS. And is the trick to then have the burner encode the disk’s as DVD ROM’s?

THEN they will play in my 578? I don’t care WHAT model nymber my burner thinks it is.


Here, read this thread, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=93873 I think it covers most of what you need to know and where to find things. You can also go into my computer and highlight your A drive with a good blank floppy in it. One of the options is make system(boot) disk which is a ME DOS boot floppy I believe. After you get a working boot disk and the proper flash files on it it’s just a matter of getting your syntax right so it actually flashes the drive.
I have a Pioneer 563a which is I believe the older version of your machine and it plays my one DL disk I made just fine, HOWEVER I did bitset it to dvd-rom which makes plus media more compatible with older players that don’t like plus and helps newer ones deal with burned DL disks. You’ll need dvd infopro to hard set the thing to rom once you have it flashed over.

ARRRGH! I was in a hurry to play with my ONE DL disk. While you were so kindly answering my query I was reading. I now have drdos703 AND drflash downloaded and a floppy formatted with DOS. I am unsure which I want for this purpose. Also I have two drives on my secondary IDE, one Lite-On CDRW and the NEC. I think they are NEC=M and Lite-on=S but I guess I’ll have to open the box to make sure. I might have set them up CS. So the syntax (NEVER my best subject) is unclear to me. I am gonna back it up though.

I haven’t learned so much so fast since the hired lady took me upstairs to the attic…


Either should work. I used the XP one I made and flashed from a old HD in here that is still fat 32 so DOS could see it. You might want to search and see if anybody made a windows flasher that will work for you also. Once you do get it thinking it’s a 2500 it will use the nice windows flasher and simplify things for you if you need to update again.

Well, I got the original firmware backed up. Now I have to flash the drive.

As I DO have a second drive on IDE 2 I am hesitant to try and flash the NEC though. I would be a little irked if I toasted the Lite-On CDRW. Someday I am just going to HAVE to larn proper syntax.

Wolf :frowning:

Which of Herries FW’s do I use? Not the latest-correct? I need bitsetting. And if I use DVDinfoPro to change the settings do I have to do that every time I want to burn a DL disk? Is the procedure to use DVDinfoPro to change those settings to DVD-ROM and then open Nero 6.15 and burn the disk?

Will the Middle East ever be free from strife?


Kids, please don’t try this at home! :eek:

Which of Herries FW’s do I use?

Any one you like with DL and bitsetting support. They’re all good, but 1.07v2b5 is popular. I’m pretty sure there’s a 2510 base FW around with bitsetting.

And if I use DVDinfoPro to change the settings do I have to do that every time I want to burn a DL disk?

No, the NEC saves the setting in the drive’s flash memory, it’s actually better not to be changing it back and forth willy nilly.

Is the procedure to use DVDinfoPro to change those settings to DVD-ROM and then open Nero 6.15 and burn the disk?

Set it and forget it, see above.

Will the Middle East ever be free from strife?

I’m not sure, but getting your 2510 straightened out is a good start.

I would be a little irked if I toasted the Lite-On CDRW

Ah, but there’s another forum here with all the solutions to that situation. There’s always a way back for LiteOn drives. (NEC too). No such thing as toast. :wink:

Thanks, RD, I think that about covers the loose ends for him :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, but I got MORE questions!

It turns out the DL disk in question plays one every settop player I could find EXCEPT my brand spanking new Pioneer 578A. I got the player from Best Buy and they tell me I can return it no problemo. So now I REALLY don’t know what to do. I’m afraid I’m one of those guys who knows just enough about computing to be dangerous. You know, just because it’s working doesn’t mean I shouldn’t mess with it so it will work better. I had to go to work but now that I’m back I can get back to the important things! Ya gotta have you’re priorities straight!

Should I flash the thing or get another player? I spent a month trying to decide on the Pioneer.


Early reports on recordable DL indicate that many players will need the discs to have book type set to ROM to accept DL. The fact that the player is new doesn’t mean it has a new drive in it.

not telling you what to do, but if you dont want or cant bitset then id return the pioneer for a sony home player. they play both dvd-r/rw and dvd+r/rw fine…its even stamped on the player.

heres mine

very nice sound and picture quality.

Thanks Jamos! Can I revert the firmware to the original? I HAVE got it backed up. And do you think bitsetting it to DVD-ROM will allow the Pioneer to play those DL disks? I haven’t GOT another one to test it right now.


Well my 2510A now has a identity problem as it thinks it’s a 2500A…

And I have set it to produce DVD-ROM’s. I burnt an 8X successfully and it is playing in my Pioneer right now.

But I haven’t got another DL disk and while the book type is DVD-ROM, the MEDIA type still says +R and the DL will say +R DL.

Wonder if it will work? I don’t want to replace the Pioneer. I called Pioneer’s support and they hadn’t even HEARD of this player. The guy actually did a Google for it! And bitsetting was not a familar topic for them. Bummer when the idiot calling support knows more than the idiot providing the support…


You can’t change book type after it’s burned. Whether the Pioneer will play DL with ROM book type is anybody’s guess, but most people are reporting success with this. (We know it won’t without the ROM type, that’s for sure).
Does the PIO play DVD+R with book type set to DVD+R?

Yes, your 2510 thinks it’s a 2500, because it is. :wink: Now go out and buy a few dozen DL discs (hehe) and start testing!

I just got back from BB with another DL solutions kit. ONE more DL disk. And the Pioneer will play +R’s with no problem. I’m debating returning it for the Sony they have but this player is supposed to be better.

Time to burn one. But It will have to wait till I get back from work tonight.

Wolf :frowning:

No pressure, that’s only a $15 disc you’re about to trash. :iagree: But at least it should play in something. If it doesn’t work out, take the 2 DL discs to the store with you and see who can read them.

If thats the newer one that does SACD and DVD Audio I’d keep it. My 563 played my DL just fine when bitset and it also is a very forgiving machine to badly burned dvd disks. The audio modes sound great, picture is great, MP3 support is top notch and it will recognise MP3’s burned to a dvd which most wont, at least mine will.
It should be able to play your next DL disk now that it is set properly. You could always take your disk you’ve made to BB and see if another one plays it or any others work with it just to make sure it’s not just a bad unit.