Spinning Noise in PX-712A

Hello guys,

I own a PX-712A for about a year now. But the last period for about a month or so, the drive began to make something like a motor noise when i insert a cd/dvd inside and it starts spinning. In the beginning the noise was rather small and not much noticable, but as the time advanced and especially in the last few days the noise began to become louder. When it is spinning in full speed it’s rather disturbing now, and when it is spinning slow it’s again rather noisy the last days.And the noise are not continuous but it is decreasing and intensyfying in timely period, i.e every 1-2secs. It is like some sort of dirt was stuck in the drive, and when the laser passes over this, it makes the noise.

Apart from that, it doesn’t have any impact in the write quality, the PIE errors are as they are used to be, i.e below 15. But i don’t know if i should start worrying or no. Maybe some sort of dirt slipped in the drive and needs some sort of cleaning somehow, i don’t know. What are you guys suggest? Is this something serious, or is it safe to ignore?