Spinning down/up when using CD Doctor?


I recently bought a Lite-On drive (rebadged to Sony CRX220A1).

I’ve been doing some tests with CD Doctor and I’ve found that in a lot of cases the drive spins down during the test, then spins up and carries on.

The strange thing is that there seems to be no pattern. eg it might happen with very good quality media and return very low c1 errors and no c2 errors, or it might happen with bad quality media returning similar error levels, or it might happen with bad quality media returning c1/c2 off the scale.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the read speed is set to (Using e.g CD Throttle), what kind of media is used, what speed that media was burned at etc. It also doesn’t seem to be heat related as it can happen soon after power-on, when the drive is reading at a low speed (beginning of the disc) and after extensive testing last night I found that the behaviour didn’t change even after 3.5 hours of burning/testing. (The drive is cooled with an 8cm fan @ 7v on each side anyway).

Btw, I can do a Transfer Rate test 10 times over with Nero CD Speed and it doesn’t spin down no matter what.

Possibly some kind of bug with CD Doctor?


CDSpeed allows the drive to adjust it’s read speed, as it normally would, to compensate for errors and read at a slower rate. CDDr does not, it forces the drive to re-read all errors instead of slowing. They just work differently in the way the deal with higher error rates.

So shouldn’t I see a speed reduction on the CD Speed graph? I don’t…

A “good” CDSpeed result is no errors and a full speed read.

Yeah, I figured… but I’m wondering why I don’t see a speed reduction in CD Speed when the same disc will cause a speed reduction in CD Doctor.

I’ve also noticed that a disc that produces C2 errors, even quite a high level can go through a full speed read in CD Speed.

It’s up to the drive to slow or not slow, it’s one area where drives can vary quite a bit. The easy explanation is that if the drive can read and correct the error without slowing, it will. they all ahve differing strategies, which is why some will work better with damaged discs.