Spindles vs trays?

I see that many people are using spindles to store their burnt media. Are spindles as reliable as dvd cases? Is it a good idea to just make stacks of them?

Storage of media is traditionally discussed in the Blank Media forum Goit, so I’m moving this thread into that forum.

Personally, I just built a storage cabinet and moved many of my disks from spindles to dvd cases. I haven’t noticed any deterioration in the disks from storing them in spindles, but they were just not easy to access.

Yeah, Kerry, that’s what would stop me storing burned stuff on spindles - if you wanted one particular disc, you’d have to remove all or quite a few of them to find the one you want. I like ease of access :iagree:

I can see that it would be quite space-saving, but to me storing on spindles would be a PITA. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been successfully storing my CD_R’s and DVD’s in the cheapo white envelopes with the cello window - stacking them in boxes, in shelves and drawers - for years without a single loss - except for my really older G5’s-eh

Me thinks that storing burned media on spindles is shear madness-eh!!

Those sleeves and binders scratch the disks. Even pressed ones. I have no idea why they are made and so expensive and yet are selling so well.

Also, the binders will eventually warp the discs.

I’m comparing spindles to cases because the cases that can hold more than 6 discs are often poorly made. I looked at 8, 10 and 12 disk cases, and they were all made using this soft mellable plastic.

I store my “everyday use” discs in a Case Logic binder, although my archive discs are in slim jewel cases.

The ones in the binder get quite a bit of use, and none of them have gone south yet. I have burned DVD media from 2004/5 stored in there, still good today.

So I think there are many variables besides the binder itself - how the binder is stored, how careful you are removing/replacing the discs etc etc. :slight_smile:

I swear by slim jewel cases, they take up more room than spindles but provide better protection. I have some burned DVD’s in jewel cases stored in my garage :eek: for several years and the play and scan excellent.

[B]Jamescooley1,[/B] Jesus, you must have some damned good media then :eek:

[B]Arachne,[/B] Just to back up what you said, I’ve started my own television archive of DVD’s of recorded shows, films, etc all from the TV - Not just so I could watch them in a few years time, but also just recording something and being able to watch it back is a fully exhillerating thought for me. :bigsmile: Because yes, that’s the saddo I really am.

I’m burning DVDs like no tommorow, I haven’t slept right for the past few nights, on Friday night I recorded Comic Relief, and last night I recorded Red Dwarf IV marathon on Dave. I [B]always use[/B] good media since this will be very long term storage, and opted for Maxell RitekF1 discs, since we are too poor to afford Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. And since they are so cheap, and CMC are too sporadic to be reliable, I want to have at least a 1000 in the next few years. At the moment I have over 100 burned discs, mainly consisting of films, TV programmes, concerts. Some of them are even AVI Rips :iagree:


[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2580828]…and last night I recorded Red Dwarf IV marathon on Dave.[/QUOTE]

Now here’s a guy with taste :bigsmile:

Carrying on from the remark about Jim’s media, the ones I keep in my binder are a mix of Verbies/TY, and the oldest disc is a TYG01 from sometime in 2004. :slight_smile:

Oh co*k! I knew how much you liked Red Dwarf! I was going to drop you an email about it but I completly forgot about it :frowning:

Hi All

What do you think about storing dvds in these UniKeep wallets (especially for 5 or 10 discs):
http://www.unikeep.com/Products/MediaStorage/Wallets/index.shtml ?

They are compact, with place for labels and discs are stored in vertical position.

[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2581076]Oh co*k! I knew how much you liked Red Dwarf! I was going to drop you an email about it but I completly forgot about it :([/QUOTE]

LOL! Your memory sounds as bad as mine - as The Cat would say, memory of a goldfish. :bigsmile:

@pmkpmk - they just look like small binders to me. If you bought these, I certainly wouldn’t stack them on top of one another, as that site suggests - I would store my discs vertically.

@pmkpmk - They don’t seem any better than the plastic wallets I buy from Poundland - 70 wallets for £1, reduced from eighty, though :doh:

@Arachne: Indeed, memory like a goldfish :doh:

I use slim cases but the problem I had was it’s very hard to print a working label that you can read the spine on to tell whats in the cases. Lately I’ve got a couple of large high quality binders. I think as long as your carefull with them the disks will last fine unless you get a real cheap one that has sand paper sleeves. I also started using the paper sleeves because they are cheap and I got like 500 of them a while back for around 5 bucks shipped. I use them as giveaways and for disks I might not want to keep forever and the same thing applies, the cheap ones like I got are extremely thin paper and will tend to scratch the disks quicker but it’s still better then letting them sit loose. I also have many spindles of OLD test disks stashed around from back when I first started doing CD’s and DVD’s and they are OK but tend to get dusty and scratch as the disks spin on each other when you move them around or try to find one.
Now for stuff I want to keep for myself and watch I have a Media Player that networks and supports external drives so playing a show, burning it to watch, and all that has changed to just looking it up on the drive or network and playing it rather then burning a disk for each HDTV capture I have so not making a ton more disks to try and store now:bow: