Spin up - spin down on safedisk

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I am using the latest version of CloneCD with my Lite-on 2410B Anytime I attemp to make a backup image with a safedisk CD or make a backup cd, the drive will not read. It will sit there and cycle, or rather spin up and spin down, spin up and spin down. It will continue this until I abort the read.

I have searched all the forums for some answers, but either no one has had this issue or I’m am not using the correct search term. And to make matters stranger, my Asus 52x also does the same thing when using CloneCD to make the backup.

Version of Clone

Settings used…

Read Subchannel data from data
Read Subchannel Data from audio
Fast error is set to 0 with hardware correction

Reader Asus CD-S520/A
Writer lite-on 2410B
Firmware: Can’t find that in WinXP
WinXP Pro
Title to be backed up: Comanche 4
DMA enabled: Yes
Motherboard & chipset Asus P4S333 / SIS645

I’m beleiving this to be a IDE issue ?

Open the CloneCD log and you’ll see that it finds a lot of unreadable sectors. For safedisc 1/2 there should be bad sectors from a bit above 800 to a bit above 10000(ten thousand), when it have finished those unreadable sectors it will continue.

That’s why it will hang at 0% for a while.

Did you install IDE drivers for that SiS chipset? It’s better to use those drivers shipeed with the OS since they are less buggy.

And CloneCD will tell you your firmware version.

Click on the read button and pick the drive, in the right field you find revision: 5S??

That is your firmware version…5S07 is the fastest in cloneCD but 5S54/5S57 is bvetter in other ways and not much slower.


I do have firmware version 5s54. So ok, if it going to spin up and down like that, how long? I have let it sit for ten minutes doing this and still it sits a 0%.

I have updated all my system board drivers to the only ones SIS has for this board. I have even forced Winxp to load Standard IDE controller drivers, but same issue.

Try setting error correction to none and read retries to 0. This is the fastest way for the Lite-ON drives to skip errors. Please keep an eye on your log file and make sure the read errors are only on the first 10.500 sectors or so. After this area the disc should be error free. If it isn’t you need to lower the read speed and use hardware error correction.

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Those settings plus finally finding ClonyXXL did the trick!

Now I’m backing up my CD’s joyfully

Thanks again

Where download Firmware’s Asus 52X?
I want try to upgrade 50X@52X