Spin It Again: record vinyl records & cassettes to CD or MP3 files

I just posted the article Spin It Again: record vinyl records & cassettes to CD or MP3 files.

(Acoustica Inc, Oakhurst, CA, December 1,
2005) Acoustica
Inc. released Spin It Again. Spin It Again can easily record your old vinyl
records and cassettes to CD or MP3 files. Not…

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I have tried almost all of the software offered to make it easy to transfer vinyl to the PC for CDs and portable players. I have never found the automatic track splitting to work. You end up spending more time fixing the mess made by the software than you did if you cut them manually or recorded each track manually. Pop and click removal is another thing I would be sceptical about. However, I have been using Adobe Audition recently for recording and processing comverted vinyl tracks and I must say that it does a very good job with pops cracks and even major scratched on the recording. I don’t see how a $39 program can really do much, but I would be delighted to hear from others who use this product. :wink: