Spilt the wine and burnt a beauty! Secret to great burns



Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of a fresh Princo in the early hours of the morning after everyone has gone to bed!
It’s enough to warm the heart.
I feel I must share this story with you all. It just shows what a cruel Queen it is that we all worship.
I have been playing around with different firmwares for my 451s and was getting very frustrated - the more I swapped the worse the burns seem to get . . .
Then it happened!
I knocked my glass of red wine over, all over I might add the remains of a stack of Princo -Rs that I had.
Thinking quickly I rinsed them off under the bathroom tap and then left them to dry.
A few days later I cleaned them with some alcohol, gave them a quick wipe over with a cleaning cloth and voila!
I give to you the best Princo I have ever burnt.
Firmware is VSOB with recommended tweaks and autobitsetting enabled (not of course that it matters for -Rs).
Drink up lads and be merry - feel free to share some of that cheer around!
Only one question remains. Could I have achieved a better burn with a decent vintage instead of the cheapo cask drop that I had been quaffing - a bottle of Grange perhaps? :eek:


LOL…red wine or white works better?

Seriously though, by cleaning your disks you do improve the chances of a good burn. (though disk quality and write strategy is still the number one factor). I always recommend warm water and a light detergent soap (ie hand soap) for scratched disks or dusty blanks.


Like jamos i clean dirty discs with warm water and soap, but ive never cleaned a disc prior to burning but ill try it on my last 2 datasafe R03`s and compare my scans.

If this does make a difference shoulden`t it be added to the appropriate sticky in the forum?, thats if its not already their.


TOO LATE!!! Been there done that… In fact I even posted about clean and burn earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

But when you say recommended tweaks, You mean using the rec file to swap write strategies right? The default princo one seems to burn poorely… But do not select any options like earlier shift, 6-8 fallback, force-shifting and stuff… Only the replacing Princo for Princo8X01 and you can even get good 6x burns and okay 8x with them.


Yep, just the the recommended tweaks and auto bitsetting - nothing else enabled. However, I still wonder about the supposed memory effect reported in other posts. Changing firmware so often may not provide a true result until after a few burns. I think I will stick with this one for a while and see if it is consistent?


The memory effect is the drive keeping a record of the last 4 burns. It does use this debug data for the next burn since I have duplicated it. IE I can get 1 good burn then its all bad until I replace this data with the saved one. Then I get 1 good burn and repeats. Although I think this is only for -R media. I haven’t done much testing with +R so not entirely sure how related the 2 media types are. In theory, the last 4 burns are supposed to give you an idea of how the media burned before so you could get better burns as time goes by. But you do need programmers good enough to use this data wisely. Outsourcing this module to some guy in the antartica was not the way to get it working r8e.


Not sure I understand this bit? Are you saying it takes 4 burns after changing the firmware before the new firmware kicks in? Before it loses its memory of the previous firmware?


Nope. Sometimes the next burn is bad. Sometimes its not. generally you flash to a new firmware because your last burn was bad and generally the next one would be bad no matter what even if you did not flash to a new firmware. But generally the burn after that would be good. Its a learning process for the drive. Its an hair raising process for the human operator. Flashing has much less to do with things than write strat swapping. Since according to the drive the last burn either worked or it did not for this media but now it has to make sense out of the new burning procedure and it gets confused. (in saying that, some firmware also changes this write procedure so you have the same effect, but its changed much less between firmwares so not as noticable.)…


I just tried it again myself, this time on a brand new squeaky clean disc before burning.
And, believe it or not, it does make a difference - a big difference.
I agree this should be a sticky.


I use a mix of grapefruit and kiwi juice on all my discs!


you too :bigsmile:


It’s not exactly a true indication of the readability if the disc, unless you clean every disc, every time you use it :wink:


Yeah, but the discs should come clean from the factory. A lot of discs I’ve seen have a filmy residue on them.


Id stay away from discs like that :wink:


They say that red wine is the blood of Christ! :bow:
I’m going to go out today and buy me a shroud, with a faded picture of a ‘Bearded Bloke’, to wrap all my remaining princos. That’ll keep’em clean! :bigsmile: