Spilled shampoo on a whole DVD spindle

hey guys

a relative brought me a brand new philips DVD+R spindle from abroad, and unfortunately a bottle of shampoo that was in the same bag got spilled on the whole spindle (don’t even ask me how the plastic wrap and the case got broken) :frowning:

it took me an hour and half to clean the mess, i didn’t know what to do so i basically washed each and every single DVD gently using warm water and clean towels to dry them.

now i tried to burn some data on my computer, basically nero does recognize the disk but i can’t seem to burn anything on them. here’s the error i get (that leads the cd tray to opening) :

is there any solution ? thanks a lot

Sorry to hear about your accident.

At the very least you need to let those discs dry for a day after cleaning and wiping the dry. Even that doesn’t guarantee anything, because the wiping process may have scratched the disc surface too much, or perhaps whatever is in that shampoo could affect the DVDs in some way (only a theory).

If your DVDs are not completely clean and dry, don’t put them in your DVD drive.

i thought maybe the chemical reaction with shampoo made the surface unusable …

i’m gonna wait a few hours and see if they work. thanks a lot DrageMester for your answer

Shouldn’t be any problem with the firmware recognising the disks given that Samsung is a pretty new drive. If you can’t get them to work, try a different drive. I REALLY don’t think that shampoo should completely destroy disks. :confused: Have you tried several disks, or just one or two?


i went through 10 dvds and the result is always the same :frowning:

by the way here’s the info i get on Nero CD-DVD Speed :

notice how it says Disc Status Closed

These media are anyway rather low quality discs, so you haven’t lost so much.

Maybe the better thing is to get rid of these discs anyway and buy a better media like Verbatim :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that but i’m going to make a mental note to myself.

Also aren’t those 16X rated discs?

they’re indeed 16x rated discs. i’ve been told they were on special that’s why my brother got them :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess i’m gonna get myself some verbatims. by the way are there fake verbatims being sold ? i can get them for really cheap but i don’t wanna end up getting fake DVDs …

The only Verbatim discs I suggest to stay away are the ones labeled as “Pearl White” because they are actually Ritek media

Looked it up, and the SH-W08A appears to be an 8x drive, maybe it doesn’t like those 16x disks.

If you’re running a Vista OS, I had to set my write speed low. Then It burned it fine. Cause Vista wont auto set speed, in Nero, ext. So try writing at 4x or something.

Like Matth said.

i’m on XP. and my drive is indeed a 8x but i always burn my DVDs on 4x and never anything above

How did you wipe the discs? In case you’re not aware of it - wiping radially from the center hole to the edge is less likely to cause scratches that will prevent burning or reading, wiping circularly will scratch them in a way that is likely to prevent burning or reading them.

Then probably this is the problem.

To burn a disc, it is necessary that the right writing strategies are in the firmware. Being your an old drive, almost certainly it doesn’t have the right writing strategies for that disc.

This, and not the shampoo, could be the real cause of the impossibility of writing these discs on your drive.

Even if you plan to not burn @16x these discs, you need anyway a firmware able to write these discs, and I doubt that there is an updated firmware for that drive.

i think i have scratched them while drying them with the towel … i must admit the surface on the DVDs doesn’t look perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

i just got myself some verbatims MCC 03RG20, are they good ?

They should be good, provided your DVD burner supports the media code. Any DVD burner made in the last 2½-3 years should support this media.