can anybody tell me if its normal to see possibly 1 to 4 huge single spikes they seem to be in the same place on both PI and PIF charts but usually in a random place every time i scan, the disc is clean, it doesnt always do this usually after the drive has warmed up it doesnt show these spikes heres some examples of the same disc

this only shows 1 spike but sometimes it shows up to 3 or more, also check this scan (different disc) with an 8/8 ratio scanned at max/8x on this drive, this must mean they are decent discs right?


The last scan is at max speed, which can make these spikes occur but not the second scan. Do you have the “remove the spike” option enabled?

yes i have it ticked, so what causes these spikes in random places? should i be worried?, also these scans were done without multitasking, should i always leave the machine alone whilst running these tests? and they always seem to appear more often after the drive has been idle for a long time. the cdspeed curves are flawless btw

Hard to say. Is there anything running on your system that could intermitantly require a lot of CPU usage?

tbh not really, its seems like the first few scans of the day show these spikes but after the drive has had time to warm up or whatever it only shows these spikes 7 times out of 10 and only one or two of them or there abouts, also it only seems to be with my ritek discs from all different batches but these are the best discs the other brands and dye types have much higher overall error rates, peaking slightly over the redbook standards but dont seem to show these odd spikes, only apps im running are winamp 5.05 (mp3 192kbps), mbm5, mcafee antivirus, firefox, kazaa lite, cpu usage doesnt seem to spike, and theres over 256mb’s of ram free

If it only does it with that media, you would have to believe it’s a querk of the media. It’s not the first time I have seen this and I’ve never found a cure in the past. Are you using an 80 wire cable on the drive. Also, you do know you can right click on the graph to remove the spikes anyway. :wink:

Yes im using MSI round ATA133 80Wire cables, i know i can right click and remove but i thought that was defeating the object or is that what everybody does? do you think these Riteks will be alright for long term storage? all the other media ive tried has been crappy apart from some optodisc +r which scans well at 4x but comes out with really really bad scans at anything higher than 4x and the cdspeed curve is bad on them aswell no good for data transfer at high speed so i decided on the Riteks, a good decision? they seem great apart from this funny spike issue

One thought could it be caused by vibration or interference heres a pic of my case, it sounds like a 747 and you can feel the slight vibration more so than on other machines and you can see how many case fans it has.

Removing the single spikes is ok. I’m a bit surprised KP is not doing it for you. Nero CD-DVD Speed might. Have you ever seen them on a Nero CD-DVD Speed quality test? If you don’t get any dips using the transfer rate test, then I think you have nothing to worry about?

Edit: Vibration is a possiblity. It can also affect the burn quality!

i did 1 nero quality test it was good no spikes at all, i will do more later, also i get no dips at all in cdspeed and im using the forced 8x read patch, thanks for your time C0deking.