Spikes 'n' coasters

Hi guys. I think my 451S@832S is unable to burn correctly at 8x. If you look at the pic i’ve posted below, you’ll notice there are some spikes. Graphs are similar between various medias, so it’s not related to media brands…I used Philips, Memorex, Benq…all were certified to work at 8x.

When I do a performance test with Kprobe I usually obtain one of these 2 things:

1 - Slow down in the areas where spikes are


2 - I get an unrecoverable read error at approx 30%

My question is: why my burner make those spikes on the disc??? There aren’t large areas beyond the PI/PIF specifics…but those spikes are enough to introduce slow-downs or, worse, unrecoverable read errors.

I think I will have to stick at 6x-4x writing speed in order to obtain an error-free burn.

Someone else might have a more helpful suggestion, but I am going to be the cynic here.

You’re “overclocking”. As with overclocking RAM and CPU’s, sometimes the burner is sold as a 4x because they needed more 4x drives… and sometimes it’s sold as a 4x because it doesn’t burn at 8x properly.

Same with CPU’s. MOST of them are overclockable, but some of them fail at anything beyond their specified speed. It’s just how the cookie crumbles.

One should not buy a cheaper model EXPECTING that it will work at a higher speed.

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Yes you’re right. But from a coaster I’d expect large PI/PIF areas with high values…not some spikes!

So what could cause those spikes?

I’ve seen a scan just like that, resently, in another thread. Same media. Was it yours?

I’d have to say it’s the media. In the other thread, I mentioned, the burns improved after each burn.

Get hold of some good quality media. Even if it’s just one disc, so you can prove to yourself that it is in fact capable of a good 8x burn. Then you can sleep at night… :wink:

Yes those scans were mine :smiley:

I used another brand today, Philips, which last time was burned fine at 8x.

Unfortunately this time i got some spikes also with this Philips…so I think it’s the drive :frowning:

DMA is ON, so I can’t figure out what else could be…

Are you getting any buffer underruns? Is the red light changing to yellow during the burn? This will cause spiked to appear.

Edit: Can you show me the Philips error scan…

No, apparently I don’t gey any buffer underrun…it is always full!

Gimme 15 minutes and I’ll post a scan of the Philips dvd.

Here it is!

As you can see there are 3 spikes: the first is under 20 PIF, the other ones are well over 80.

Apparently the first spike is enough to make an unrecoverable read error (notice that the graph stops at around 30%)… :sad:

The very strange thing of all this story is that the overall disc quality would be very good! Look at the average PI/PIF values… :sad: :sad:

Any suggestion?

I am not familiar with this media either. Is anything else running on you system that can be periodically using up a lot of processing power? Do you experience any momentary freezes on you system?

I think you need to take a few steps back. Do you have any 4x +RW media. Try a few burns with this media and see what they are like. This will help to eliminate system problems and also hardware. Next find some RICOHJPNR01 or MCC002 and try these at 8x.

It seems those two Phillips spikes are on both media at the same position - could be a mechanical problem with the burner like a notch on the laser’s rail

Absolutely not. There isn’t any process which could cause freezes…I assure you also that I don’t obserbve any buffer underrun.
I have one theory, but I have to prove it now: maybe these spikes are correlated with high temperature I have in my mid-tower (around 40-42 °C when the system is under heavy work, with an ambiental temperature of 26-27°C).

I’ll try to remove one of the two side-lids from the case and see what happens.

I think you need to take a few steps back. Do you have any 4x +RW media. Try a few burns with this media and see what they are like. This will help to eliminate system problems and also hardware. Next find some RICOHJPNR01 or MCC002 and try these at 8x.

Yes, today I’ll get another 2 CMC’s dvd+r from my shop and we will see how they come out at 4x and at 8x.

See you later. :slight_smile:

Uhmm maybe your theory is true.

Look at the DAXONAZ2 graph and at the Philips one…what do you think codeking?

There close to two other spikes in the other scan but not the same. I think it’s a coincidence.

I agree & I don’t think what you are seeing is a result of “overclocking”. I have gotten scans that do the exact same thing & they have only occurred when I used the new Memorex 8X certified DVD+R disc’s which are Ritek R03’s.

I have burned them with the 832s at both 4X & 8X with the same results. The high, random spikes just like yours only occur when using that media. Other types of media (even some DVD-R CMC’s -Verbatim Movie Reel style at 4X burn near perfectly with the 832s) do not present this issue at all, so I can safely say that in my case it’s completely media related and luckily I only purchased a small pack of the 8X Memorex CMC’s so I’m not “stuck” or “wasted” much $$$ on them & I will definitely stay away from them.

In fact I’m purchasing all of the Ricoh JP-1 based DVD+R 4X media that I can find (Ridata @ New Egg great deal and good disc’s) as those disc’s (from Maxell, Sony, and Memorex branding) burn at 8X and have average PI errors often that are less than “1.0”.

By the way, those DVD+R’s with the spikes such as yours, they did not have a problem playing in my set top DVD player.

You say you had these spikes always with the same media…but I have tried 3 different brands and they always present those spikes!!!

So it can’t be just a coincidence…

have you tried the omnipatcher and check all options on it an tried a different write strat, for example the prodisc r03 one for the cmcmag?

if not try that and see if that helps out on your burns!! It could be that the force shifting and earllier shifting might help you there as well as force fallback!!

try it and let us know if it gets any better!!

Ok guys. I tried to burn 2 CMC’s disc at 8x and at 4x with a lower case temperature (I removed one side-lid from my case).

At 8x spikes didn’t disappear, so it’s not the temperature causing the problem.

At 4x the burn was simply excellent.

I think my 451S@832S has problems to burn at speeds > 4x probably. I’ll try to burn a Sony dvd+r @8x later.

Anyway, here’s the scan with the dvd burnt at 4x.

Well I have tried three different brands (cmc,philips and daxona), so it’s not a cmc media problem.

I also tried force shifting and earlier shifting but they didn’t help.

did you try the force recalibration or the force fallback? because it seems that those spike come near the end for you!

I’m not saying it’s definitely due to overclocking, just that it’s an option that shouldn’t be discounted. Sometimes you (or I, or anyone on here) might be driven crazy saying “IT OUGHT TO WORK AT 8X DAMMIT!”

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