Spike of YUDENT02 on 832S using CG3E

There are few PIF spikes…
I am wondering is it 8X burn cause it or somewhat…

I have three spindle of YUDENT02, they all burn like this… :confused:

Perfect scan. Nothing to worry about. :wink:
Those small spikes are caused by the OPC function in drive. This is all normal.

I´m sure C0deKing will have a more detailed explanation over this. :cool:

But I noticed that not all 8X burn (in the forum) will create this spike, is it depends on the drive?

Nice burn. :slight_smile:

It’s drive and media dependent. The spikes are cause by the recalibrate (WOPC) that CG3E firmware uses. The drive has to stop burning and then start again, using the correct optical power control for that point in the burn. Unfortunately this relink can cause PIF spikes, but as they are single spikes they usually don’t seem to cause a problem.

So when you say the recalibrate causes the spike are you saying the recalibrate is actually causing a “teeny” glitch in the burn?

Yes, it’s similar to a buffer underrun but not a buffer underrun. In fact, if you had a buffer underrun, you would get exactly the same spike. By rights the drive should be able to relink without this glitch. It’s a firmware or hardware glitch, I don’t know which.

Something weird happan…
I use VS0E, same spike appear… :a

COME ON… That’s not a spike, PIF’s may be a lot higher and it would still be a readable disc. PI may go up to 280 and PIF up to 32. Even if there is a “spike” of 500 or so, the reader just reads over it.

You’re right, I shouldn’t be too picky… :rolleyes:

I didn’t mean to put you off CG3E. It’s benefits to the overall burn, far outway the few extra spikes you might get. If you check out the NEC forum you will see similar spikes in the NEC 3500 scans. NEC also does WOPC. Also I notice that this burn is only half the length of the one above and it already has way more than half the number of PIF errors. Check the discs with Nero CD-DVD Speed’s transfer rate test. If you get a smooth curve then the spikes don’t matter. :wink:

I just wanna to try if the spike relate to CG3E, but I find that the spike will occur when the drive shift up to 6X and 8X…

Of course you get tiny tiny spikies when the recalibration happens. If you don’t want that, try VS0E at 4X. But then again, without recalibration, the burner can’t correct itself, so when it starts burning real spikes, they just get worse till the disc is done and then you got some real spikes. I say, forget those little spikes, get CG3E and burn about all DVD+R’s superb at 8X. Straswap RICOH R00 at R02, yes at 8X :). Strat swap RITEK R01 at YUDEND000T02, yes at 8X. I love the liteon 832S because that’s the only burner I know that can burn those Ritek R01’s (2.4X rated) at 8X with superb results.

Thank you for the advance…
But I am trying to use VY06 because I find that I have some old TYG01 that only sony can burn them well…