'Spidey' already being swapped by pirates

I just posted the article ‘Spidey’ already being swapped by pirates.

I heared theres a 3cd TeleSync out of it and in excelent quality.
I find this movie is one you need to experience in the theater self instead behind your 22 inch monitor.

While Columbia…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3803-Spidey-already-being-swapped-by-pirates.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3803-Spidey-already-being-swapped-by-pirates.html)

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Kinda like the mp3 thing, MPAA thinks just because we watched it “screener” we wont go see it at the theater, WRONG!!! Seen the screener, went to the theater and saw it twice. These guyz are stupid to think I would not pay to see a movie like that in a theater, and be satisfied with only the crappy screener, even tho it was a good job, it cant be compared. There problem is all the other lame movies out there that get traded let us know we are not going to pay $9 and get ripped off for a lame ass movie. Sort of like the $16 CD with 1 good song and the rest suck.

I have seen it 3 times in the theathers, and about 5 more times at home. :7

I dunno why they are so paranoid, those rips and conversions doesn’t beat the theatre experience, its one thing Pirates still cant emulate. :4

it’s not even out here yet can’t wait this is one movie along with star wars i am gonna see at the movies many times AND get a copy on my comp

omg they are so proud that they made over $100mil wow, when has it costed more to go see a movie. they should be using a headcount instead of $$$

I find this movie is one you need to experience in the theater self instead behind your 22 inch monitor. How says were watching it on a 22 inch i’m watching it on my 50 inch Plasma :slight_smile:

well i’ve only got a 17"

:slight_smile: When I’ve dl it, I’ll watch it and when it’s good I’ll visit the theater and certainly buy the DVD for sure.

Well sorry man, but this makes no sence, all movies release in those scenes why make a big deal outta it now because it’s about “spiderman” pffffff. bull shit! :r

well … I think it sucked … very disappointed about it.

The problem is not the theatre, it’s the ripped version. They want to make money with the theatre AND with DVD/VHS.

ht tp://w ww.movie-mistakes.com/film.php?filmid=2225 Thats all i can say …

I got both version of the Screeners. TEG version which is 2 disks, VCD format (352x240) with Korean subtitles. Centropy (ctp) put out a PAL version 480x480 which takes 3 disks. For screeners they are both decent versions, even though the teg one was taken with a digtial Cam. and I too, actually was disappointed with the movie, too much stupid drama and not enough ass kicking. But the wet shirt scene with Kirsten Dunst will be well worth it when I go see it on the big screen. All bigger and larger than life. =)

Yeah… any downloaded vids I see go straight to my DVD+RW for proper playback on my DVD player. :4 no 22 inch for me.