What are you like with spiders?

There’s a large spider in my bathroom, and the little devil hides whenever I grab a shoe. Just hope it doesn’t crawl up my leg when I use the loo in the middle of the night :eek:

I’m not happy with this :disagree:

I used to live with spiders at my parents house which was an old farmhouse when I was a small kid. We had an arrangement they keep my room clean of evil insects I will leave them alone. Quite simple and it worked well :eek:

I don’t mind little spiders, but i don’t like those big ones that sort of look at you all evil when you go near them. :disagree:

Oh this one’s sort of…middle-sized. I think. It moved pretty quick :eek:

The cat’s useless as well, he just runs away from them :rolleyes:

Arachne your not having to stand on a chair are you? :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

We have those brown recluse spiders here. :rolleyes: Need to shake clothes out if they have not been worn/moved in awhile.

Here’s some pics of brown recluse and the damage they cause.

I only like the kind that are actually cute kittycats with a blank media obsession! :wink:

There’s a large spider in my bathroom, and the little devil hides whenever I grab a shoe. Just hope it doesn’t crawl up my leg when I use the loo in the middle of the night :eek:

I’m not happy with this :disagree:
Arachne doesn’t like spiders… now that’s irony! :bigsmile:

Exactly! :iagree:

If they are big enough to look at me in an evil way, I have to remove them immediately. I catch them between a transparent plastic cup and a piece of cardboard and escort them politely but firmly outside.

There’s no chance I could sleep with a big evil spider looking at me from above my bed!!!

phew they don’t live anywhere near Denmark! :eek:

Yes we get brown recluse and black widows around here. The black widows are very common unfortunately.

We also have tarantulas, now those guys are big. But not nearly as dangerous. I tend to have a live and let live attitude towards most spiders, but I kill off the black widows every time I see them.

Good luck with your friendly little pest Arachne.


look at this, pretty good on spiders

Yep you got to watch out for the crack spiders bich :bigsmile:

I’m entrenched in a life long WAR with all spiders. My sworn duty is to exterminate as many of then as I can…all other priorities are rescinded! I don’t care if killing them upsets the balance of the ecosystem. THEY MUST DIE!

I don’t mind spiders, but I did have the misfortune to get bitten by one a couple of wears ago, and ended up in hospital with a cellulitis infection :eek:
Annoyingly I did not get super spidey powers and a funky spandex suit… no… I just got intravenous antibiotics for a week :a
I still don’t mind spiders too much though.

In the worst case scenario, what do you think he might do? Since he has 8 legs, I suppose he could kick you :slight_smile:

That’s ok as long as the spider isn’t wearing big boots. Getting a kicking from an 8 legged arachnid yob would be bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwww :o :flower:

Arachne doesn’t like spiders… now that’s irony! :bigsmile:

Ain’t it just :o…but I’m better than I was with them, awhile back I wouldn’t even go into a room if there was a spider in there! Now I can kill them with confidence - provided they don’t run away first :doh:

Update: the sodding thing’s still in there somewhere, but at least it didn’t put in an appearance when I was on the loo :eek: (or kick me :p)

Arachne…then how would you go living “down under” ???
We have some nasty spiders like (1) Funnel Web (Only around Sydney and N.S.W.) (Phew…I’m in Melbourne!!! :iagree: :bigsmile: )
(2) Red Back (Relative of the Black Widow spider) (Yes…they’re everywhere! :iagree: :rolleyes: :eek: )

Funnel Web…can kill in a matter of an hour or so.
Red Back…mildly poisonous: Could kill a cat, dog or small child.
Fortunately, doctors carry anti-venom for these little buggers! :iagree: :wink:

I’ve got a lil spider running around my computer room wall that I let live.
I hope he eats all the other bugs :smiley:

Don’t let him into your Windows computer or he’ll be bigger than a horse in no time from feasting on all those bugs! :bigsmile:

lol, I was hoping he would eat all the Windows bugs and leave me with a smooth running system!