Spiders vs wasps

Which is worse?

I hate spiders but I hate wasps even more. A spider may have 18 eyes and 24 legs but it still isnt a wasp, which is the only animal I know that is high on drugs all the time. Wasps are stupid, erratic and mean!

Spiders are clever enough to hide in corners so I cant see them. I bet those 3 meter monster spiders you have down in australia hides in corners too, and therefore aussies may consider wasps less evil than spiders.

Those that actually like spiders or wasps ( :eek: ) select option #3.

Spiders. I hate them. Just thinking about them makes me feel yuk. Wasps you can hear, spiders can creep up on you. Looks around quickly to check for giant spiders

wasps, iiiiiieh, but the most evil thing on earth are HORNETS. i hate them

I hate anything that flies around screaming like some moron on acid. Spiders I can handle, flies, bees, wasps are more challenging. takes out RAID and lighter flaming on you flying bitches.

Well okay then :slight_smile:

Spiders definitely. Wasps, well you can hear them, and they don’t look so threatening. But Spiders, they have webs, they can get fricken big, they’re hairy and some are deadly:Z

Come my hairy friends and hear the nice buzzing sounds of our flying wasps.

Option 3 for me!! :wink:

Ah but I understand that since you’re an auss and you got spiders bigger than Brazil down there. :iagree:

24 legs? I though arachnids were all 8-legged no? :confused:

I hate Wasps more, since they can fly there is greater chance of element of surprise.

Nah, spiders here are only the size of your hand.
But they got teeth as big yours :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve got the 8 most most poisonous snakes in the world and I think 13 of the 15 most posoinous. But it’s okay. You never meet poisonous snakes. They’ve all been killed by the 10 most posionous spiders in the world :p.

Wasps grab insects / spiders, and lay eggs inside them, then the young wasps eat the insect from the inside out, just like the movie alien!

Spiders just fart out a bunch of eggs and kill poisonous snakes. Which makes them practically heroes in my eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

I think wasps are probably worse than spiders, but I never see either of them, and spiders don’t bother me anyway.

In sweden all insects and such are smaller/less evil than the ones in weird jungle countries :stuck_out_tongue: so wasps are far more evil than swedish spiders. But there is a sort of fly here that sort of lives off of skin from animals (like humans) and when they take a bite it hurts like hell and they’re really trying to, not like wasps with their self defence thing

We aren’t exactly swinging from the trees here, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. Hornets can swarm much moreso than wasps, and when they get angry, they won’t stop stinging until you kill them.

Not all spiders are bad either. Some do bite, but many of them kill and eat insects I’d rather not have around, which is just fine by me.

My brother used to have a spider on his room.He didn’t buy it of course it just came uninvited :slight_smile:
So he started killing wasps and throwing them into the spider’s web to feed it :bigsmile:

So i guess that spider’s are cooler … even though i like them both :wink:

But i hate really annoyning insects like blood-sucking mosquitos and flies :a

You Jane!

You great white ape!

Hahaaha weird jungle countries…:smiley: