Does anybody know if Spiderman has any protection on it? Use Clony and Scout, nothing found. Just confirming before I commence the burning.

None, it seems

Since this is all about asking for possible protection …

Just got 3 games with a new motherboard

Star Trek: New Worlds

Clony and Scout returns with nothing, which seems kind of odd

Does anybody know of any protection implemented in any of these games?

Did some googling/searching (just to get off Tax’s claws :wink: ) and found the following:

Sacrifice -> SD2
Messiah -> Laserlock
Star Trek -> No protection

Stiil seems odd that no PD proggie came up with this. Can anyone confirm this? (It would be nice having my first Laserlock game :smiley: )


Maybe as they were bundled games and not retail copies they didn’t bother with the copy protection, after all it does cost a lot of money to copy protect games with a comercial protection.

Hemispasm, my copy of Messiah is Safedisc 1 in Canada.

Originally posted by CCDKing
Hemispasm, my copy of Messiah is Safedisc 1 in Canada.
It is quite probable since what i found as laserlock protected was the german version only.

Most probably they are all not protected, as Gorskar suggested, since they were bundled (damn :frowning: )