Spiderman The Movie -PC GAME- Protection?



does anyone know if this game has a specific type of protection? I haven't found anything on it yes..I don't wanna burn it until I find out..



well i dont even know what protection it has but if u have a lite-on 24x cd-rw drive or better u should be able to just use tha default settings on game cd profile in clone cd and it should work

p.s. use a cd-rw disk to test it out


how about an HP-CD Writer+ 9500b 12X =(


To find out whether the games protected or not visit www.gamecopyworld.com. There you should find all the info you need to know.:wink:


Unfortunately it’s not listed there as of “YET”. Maybe after May 3rd…lol


Just to let you no…there is only a CD check for this game and it burned just fine and when asks for the 2nd disck to play it accepts it and all is great… KICK ASS GAme!! wh000 H000!

Had to burn with Nero Express though it was cue format…


This game only has subchannel data protection( and cd checks of course) but i recommend you to burn at low speed.It has audio files too and maybe a “ghost” track.i burned it with my plex24x at 4x without problems( more speed= coaster always: [no seek complete error]( suposse it’s due audio tracks and a high burning speed))

Good luck!


Yay! the NOCD has been released. LOL@May 3rd!!! I’ll have it beat before May 3rd.


There’s no challenge in using a No-CD patch :stuck_out_tongue: If what Morglum007says is true and the game only uses SubChannel Data you should be able to copy it with your HP writer. Read and write the disc with CloneCD 4 (Game Profile) at 4x. Use a CD-RW disc and keep your fingers crossed…


why 4x…if it is a sunchannel protection and your reader supports subs and have a good writer …I would use max speed

Nobody has yet to convince me that slower speeds are better…


This game has no protection at all like all latest ACTIVISION games.


Hmmm that sucks ! They’re killing the use of CloneCD ! :wink: