Spiderman Soundtrack Problems

Hey guys,
I have the Spidy soundtarck and I want to back it up. I have read all the posts so far regarding the key2Audio protection and how to bypass it but nothing is working for me. I have tried to use Clone CD 4 but the backed up CD still causes the same problems as the original.

Perhaps I’m not doing it right or maybe my hardware is not suitable? I have a matshita DVD ROM drive as my reader and a Philips CD writer, as far as I can make out the writer doesn’t really matter. I have also tried to read using the writer drive but alas no luck :frowning: When I put the CD in and try to rip using EAC a bunch of errors all pop up, about 4 or 5 in a row, then dissapear. I have just downloaded Feurio so that may work.

Has anyone got any experience with this CD? Maybe someone can suggest what I shoud try next.

Cheers :slight_smile:

This is just a suggestion, but… using alternative programs may work. e.g. Audiograbber?

If that doesn’t do the trick try using CDParanoia under Linux, or, If you don’t have it or can’t use it or whatever try to get someone else whom you know to try it…

It may work.

It is a statement seen in several places on the net that “the new key2audio defeats the felt tip pen trick”. Try checking winamp user forums for the same.

http://uk.eurorights.org/ has a list of known “Corrupt” CDs and they state the Spidey soundtrack as one of them. I didn’t know that before.

Maybe using a program which allows you to extract “cooked” rather than RAW sectors will help?

I don’t know of any proggy which explicitly says cooked reads though…

Try EAC beta4 but i can say that you maybe wont be able. SWEP2 could not be read from philips 121032 writer. And was released before spiderman.