Spiderman 2 already circulating on the internet

I just posted the article Spiderman 2 already circulating on the internet.

Just like with the latest Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones, a pirated version of ‘Spiderman 2’ has now also been spotted circulating on the net. The only difference this time is that Spiderman…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3942-Spiderman-2-already-circulating-on-the-internet.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3942-Spiderman-2-already-circulating-on-the-internet.html)

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HAHA, nice joke though.

LOOOOL hi hi…allways great to start the day with a good laugh :4

You sure it’s a joke? It sounds pretty realistic to me :slight_smile:

i like ice-cream!

You missed off the end of the news report… “Pirates have also tried to steal Episode III from George Lucas’ brain for several months, but keep coming away with a blank screen.” Oh yeah, and who said any studio ever made a trillion dollars out of one movie release? Great hoax though…

Its fake well i am off back to watch BLADE 3 (Return of the daywalker) :4

I hear they also tried to pick bill gates brain for the next win OS, but it crashed 3 times and now needs a service pack…:4

Last I saw a copy of back to the future part IX, called “The great download hoax” LOL

Yeah right! (BTW anyone want a copy of Indiana Jones IV: The Pipe Dream?)

Sorry guys… someone sent me this and i skimmed it really fast, failed to see the humor in it, and thought it was real. Now that i read it over again, it made more sense. Sorry for the joke. Kinda funny tho… :stuck_out_tongue:

funny as hell… who the hell created this joke anyways?

It’s even at the bottom of the page:

BBspot is a satirical news and comedy source and meant to be funny. If you are easily offended, gullible or don’t have a sense of humor we suggest you go elsewhere.

CrazyBob1, Harrison Ford actually wants to create an Indiana Jones IV. According to Upcomingmovies.com, Lucas might make this movie after filming Star Wars: Episode III. Harrison Ford even wants Sean Connery to be in this movie. I hope they make this movie for real :slight_smile:

Lets hope that Aliens 5(prob starring Hulk Hogan lol ;), if ever released is based around Aliens Special Edition, arguably one of the best films ever made. James Cameron is the man for the job. Remember Alien by Ridley Scott another classic. :7 Greetz from The Diplmat :8