Spider Man 3, worst movie of 2007

It’s so far ahead on the scale of poor movies that I do not expect it to be overtaken by any coming movie this year either.
I want my money back for this garbage.

Score: 1/5 thanks to Bruce Campell as the waiter.

Who decided this movie should be made for 11-year olds? Random cuts to kids in Spiderman costumes doing oneliners. Why? Cranes that defy gravity and fall upwards, 100 supervillains in one movie, a huge american flag. Oh and it’s horribly looooooooooooong. My butt still hurts.


I never liked 1 or 2 :Z :Z

i don’t know anything about spiderman, but my roomate was into comics when he was younger, and he almost cried cause he said it was so bad

OK, i really hate comics and superheroes, but because i’m a great movie fan i saw almost all comics adaptations.

I quite hated the first Spideman, mostly because of the Green Goblin. Willem Dafoe is one of my favorite actors and it was quite disappointing seeing him fooling around.
But the secind was really great. If their had left out Octopus and Spiderman it would be one of my favorite movies.
I have yet to see the third movie, and i’m really afraid that they will push the story (that was so great in the second movie) in favor of some long, stupid and boring action (like the scene with the tower hours, and the battle on the bridge in the second one)

I almost cried it was so bad. What kind of crappy casting director picked that 70’s show skinny kid for Venom and why did venom not talk like venom at all. He never spoke of himself as “WE”. Toby obvioulsy hates doing these movies he never wanted do any more after the first and his acting showed that. He doesn’t have any grace or suaveness about him yet they make him portray this when he has the black suit instead of just being mean he has to be a lady chaser and that doesn’t even help the movie along why even put it in the movie. Also the HOBGOBLIN on a Flying snowboard was just sickening. And Hobgoblin helping spiderman was just the worst action ever. He should have died from the pumpkin bomb that hit his face. Actually everyone involved in this movie should commit suicide for creating the biggest let down of the century. Why didn’t anyone speak up and say “hey what the hell are we doing here this sucks?” never again am I going to watch a marvel movie.

i think blade movies have really only been the decent comic/marvell conversion to the big screen granted blade 3 was a bit pants but other 2 more then make up for it :slight_smile:

Ok 3 was crap & it showed big time just like X-men 3 & Blade 3 maybe Marvel should stop doing trilogies!! Ok maybe not I do love comic book movies but they should just stick to the comics why oh why cant they just leave them alone & stop changing things(If it aint broke don’t fix) :a

I thought in the words of Spidey’s best friend while eating pie, that this movie was “soooo goood”

Actually i didn’t, but i thought some of the serious acting was quite laughably bad