Spellforce: Shadow of the Phoenix



Has anyone managed to create a standalone backup from the original?
If so, how?


go here and download aray scanner and scan your disk.

Then tell us what protection it uses.

If it’s a common protection like Securom or Safedisc, then you can find guides on how to copy the disk here.


Well, it is Securom v5.03.06.0007. I have made a BWA with 4.5.7 which looks exactly like one I downloaded. The copy will not be accepted. It was made with a plex premium in “native mode”. I also tried a Twin Peaks copy, both using eiter blindwrite 4.5.7 and blindwrite 5.26 with the tweaker. Until now, all my securom games did back up fine, in fact, the spell of winter checks in less than two seconds.

What I find strange is that the original disk is not a good source, i.e it takes time to show up in the drive and it takes time to authenticate. Perhaps blindwrite made some read errors?


Did you read and write at 4x? You’re saying that you made your copy with a Plex Premium and it doesnt work?


You’re saying that you made your copy with a Plex Premium and it doesnt work?

Yes, exactly. :o
I know it should work, but it does not. I’ve noted that the drive slows down during verification. So I’ve tried to copy files from the Copy or the Original to the HD and found that takes very long.

I think my problem is, that die copy doesn’t deliver the right key. I think at first it passes the Securom, but then it bombs out at the key check. Anyway, I will try again with a few different readers and see if I get bitwise identical copies…


What brand of media do you use?

I prefer to use Taiyo Yuden cd-r’s if I’m burning with a Plextor.


Also, what drive are you trying to play the copy from ?


mod please delete



What is your problem? I don’t think I broke any rules here, did I?

Media: I tried TDK and Verbatim, just to rule out that option.
I tried to run the copy from various LiteOn Drives as well as older CD-Rom drives. I know about the atip check, so I used read only devices.

I do have a Tosh in the office, so I will try to create the back up image there.

By the way, is there any way to run this image emulated? I tried Daemon Tools, but the programm would just eject the virtual disk.

So please tell me why I can’t inquire about a backup any longer - perhaps as PM if this needs to be deleted.

Thank you!


No! I meant to delete my individual post! I was trying to post in another subject and posted here by accident.


I don’t think Securom v5+ checks the atip anymore.

Do you have any other cd burning or emulation software that could possibly get blacklisted? Try the latest version of Blindwrite also.


I have long made it a point, NOT to have any game copy software installed on my game rig. The only software installed is daemon tools. When they started to blacklist the Plextor utilities, I even removed the Plextor drives and software. I do not need to hide the atip anyway, since I have a plain DVD Drive. Nero would be the only other burning software I could think of. Tomorrow, I will have a few hours wait in the office, when I will take the time and try again. So far, the tosh 1612 was a very good geometry reader. Actually, most recent liteon drives read geometry very well at FULL speed. Quality decreases, as speed goes down. Did anyone else make that observation?


Your right It doesnt.



It was made with a plex premium in “native mode”.

Native mode? Do you mean automatic? Or is that a term related to version 4.5.7? I use the Plextor Premium profile (from these forums) and haven’t had issues yet.

I also tried a Twin Peaks copy, both using eiter blindwrite 4.5.7 and blindwrite 5.26 with the tweaker.

Try the latest version with the Plextor Premium profile without using the tweaker.

Also, the blacklisting of Daemon tools comes to mind since it hasn’t been updated in a while.


Indeed! That happens all the time. :frowning:


Problem solved! Returned the game for another. That one reads better and the copy worked at once. Problems were due to poor quality of the printed CD.


HELP!!!i don’t know what kind of forum is this or is it also have rules for LEGAL stuff. like don’t copy game if you don’t own legal copy bla bla. i want to play this game, i have no chance to get the original. got the copy though as i got the first one also cracked. got spelforceclean.exe so i can install addon which has FIXED crack on cd.i don’t know who did crack.i still can’t play game. problem with electronic cd key something.how can i go past this? is it because the crack isn’t good or. is there any way to run this game if you don’t run it for the first time with ORIGINAL CD.also wondering where in regystry are the info for cdkey for this game. first you could just add CDKEY subkey and enter cdkey the game would work fine. can anyone help? PLS!!!


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