SpellForce (platinium/diamant edition)


I’ve recently bought Spellforce “edition diamant” in France (I think it’s the same of the platinum edition).
It’s a game from JoWood with the “JoWood X-Protect” protection
And the “SecuROM” on one file.

I’m used to move a lot and to forget my CDs everywhere … so I’m used to make virtual CDs. But this time it seems to be hard …

I’ve tried a lot of things but a lot of solution is to make a backup CD (& I’d rather prefer to make virtual than a backup CD).

-> Anti-Blaxx : The problem is the two protection. If I put the JoWood one, the game says that I’m using virtual CD. If i put the SecuRom option, it says that no-CD is on the drive …

Have you some other solutions ?

Use Blindwrite (4.5.7 works best) and BWA to create your topology file and your 1:1 copy. You can probably use other programs too (alcohol), but mounting securom 7 is a problem with all the blacklisting, and remember alcohol requires RPMS (which is an emulator itself), I don’t think Blindwrite images require this. If SR7_Stop or SD4hide (both of these can hide virtual drives–give them both a try), as well as installing DT/A120 in expert mode, with renamed drivers, and folders and exe files doesn’t work, you’re probably stuck using a physical backup.

Some people mentioned denying read access to the DT registry entries and then forcing the game into win2000 mode, but this (1) often causes performance problems, (2) might either give a “security error” or ‘emulator detected’, anyway.

Make a image with Alcohol120%.Mount it in the image drive.Try the SR7.Stopv1.0 it works with FEAR with the same protection.
ps:if you have AnyDVD in tray icon REMOVE it!!!

Thanks you very much, but nothing works (perhaps it’s my fault but I’ve tried a lot of things, not all of them because I’m not a superman of copy/virtual CD). Their protection seems to be a good one … and I’ll not attemp to make a lawsuit for that ^^

So, I’ve tried to make copies too. But it’s the same. The copy alone make the “wrong CD authentification” error, and with Anti-Blaxx, SR7_Stop or SD4hide I’ve sometimes no message, but nothing happens; or only the “use of emulation” message.

(( for the anecdote, in my edition, they’ve forgotten to put the serial code in the box, so I were forced to phone ^^ but to reassure you, they knew that they had a series of box like that :wink: ))

I have the same game with the same protections but on DVD.
The problem is the jowood x-protect, because it unmounts the virtual drives
and take the rmps option from Daemon tools and alcohol of.

Blindwrite’s Autoplay driver is the emulator it uses for it’s version of RMPS.
It’s copies are just as “emulated” as Alcohol’s.