SpellForce: Breath of Winter

This game use SecuRom v5.03.04.002 - 011. Is this protection breakable?

Welcome to cdfreaks AnimaliX :),

it’s breakable using just take a look here CD Backup Guides and Tutorials how to create a working backup. Normaly the Copy Protection list is just for adding Games or other Software and their protections, so next time open a new thread in Copy Protection Discussion Forum if you got any question about protections :).

No, this is a big problem… this game never release an warez sites. This protection is still nobreakable!

It’s breakable if you own the ORIGINAL to create a working backing, read this for more information No hacks, cracks, serials are allowed here :cop:

this is ADDon no first SpellForce: The Order of Dawn !!!

p.s. yes, yes… i have original from UK…bla bla bla :bow: