Spellforce: Breath Of Winter English - working backup

BWClone image from [AMiGA2004] working … how?

  1. Extract the downloaded tar to rars, the rars to the image finally.
  2. Mount the image in daemon-tools.
  3. Start Alcohol, and the image making wizard within.
  4. Select the drive with the image, set preset: “SecuROM NEW”. Make sure it’s not “SecuROM NEW 4x/5x”. Maximum read speed is fine, leave it. Click next.
  5. Select a drive where You have at least 2GBytes free space. Set the image format to CloneCD (and not MDS!) and click start.
  6. Wait until ripping is done, then close Alcohol and unmount the image from Daemon tools.
  7. Start TwinPeak. Click ‘select CCD image’, and select the image You just extracted. Click ‘select BWA file’ and select the BWA file from step 1. (sfaddon1.bwa, 27 652 bytes). Leave the other settings at default (15 and 710).
  8. Click start, and then OK for the upcoming dialog. Wait until the image is done, and start Alcohol and the image burning wizard within.
  9. Select the patched.ccd that TwinPeak created. Set preset: “SecuROM NEW”. Make sure it’s not “SecuROM NEW 4x/5x”. Set write speed to 4X.
  10. Insert blank media and start writing.
  11. When done, disable Alcohol’s Virtual drive completely, uninstall Daemon tools and all other disc emulators.
  12. Restart computer and You are set. You have a working copy that works with v1.35 patch.

Yes working, but not for me :confused: my CD/DVDRW dont support 4x write speed…

Read the RULES no Warez allowed here :cop:

And this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=103441 is what ? no warez ?