Spellforce:BoW problem



Hey everyone. Here’s my problem with SF:BoW:
I successfully burned it before using the BW/BWTweaker (used the newest BW and BWT v.156) method as described in the tutorial. Unfortunately, a friend of mine scratched it to hell so I needed to make a new backup. I followed the exact same steps outlined here but it wouldn’t work. I tried it on each of my burners (LiteOn Combo SOHC-5232K and LiteOn DVDRW LDW-400D) plus a burner at my friends’ place (not sure what that one was). I also tried using the CloneCD/Twinpeaks method which also didn’t work. Anyone have any ideas of what I might be doing wrong? I’ve seen posts that mention using a virtual drive but I’d rather have a disc that works on its own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.