Hello all I would like to propose that the forum incorporates a spell corrector
Thank you Bruce

i think your in the wrong forum here, try cd forum chat (btw then you must place for the dutch forum and german and italian a spell corrector to, so i vote for keep it the way it is :slight_smile: )

See your point I was thinking of my inabilaty to spell.

Me like to propose signatures should be no less than three lines. Me you thank.

What if we added English spell corector and added google translate, It would help me and many others, also the people who have troble with english could use there own lan. and have it translated.
Just a thought

Anyone want this moved? With an appropriate title, of course. :slight_smile:

sure i think this thread dont belong here, but it can be just me :stuck_out_tongue:

are you saying that they have to be at least that long, or is this sarcasisem?

To be honest, I’m not sure where this belongs. I’ll leave it be, if one of the other mods wants to move it, it’s their call. :slight_smile:

owke good enough for me :slight_smile:

OK whare to you think it belongs? and well to amuse me,Why?

Mods Please move this to whare it belongs

uruhara This appears to afend you .May I ask why?

sorry i am not offended, i am sorry it it seems so, my apologisch

Not at all , belong to many forums, as most of us do and some have spell corectors and some do not, it is much easy for people trying to learn english to have help with the spelling.
P.S my spelling proves this I am ashame to say.

Yeah, a forum I used to post on had a spelling corrector…and my spelling’s OK, but my typing is not, so I make very good use of the Edit button, hence my sig :bigsmile:

maybe this thread belongs in the cd freak forum talk, i have seen more problems there like people who cant log in maybe you can do sugestions there to, but i am not sure

arachne gratz for becomming a mod btw :slight_smile:

Perhaps, I am open to it being moved or closed,I just thought it was a benifit to many people,so I guess no one appears to like it ,so I guess this post should be closed,Thanks for the feedback.

your welcome its not a bad idea but there are also german, dutch and italian forums here, but its not a bad idea, btw sorry again

I am at a loss as to how you connect this to people who can not log in?

i think you clicked on the wrong link :wink: