Speeds problem with my 712A



i’ve my PX712A as master on 2nd ide channel, running in Ultra DMA mode
Well,it takes 9 minutes to write 16x certified discs @12x and 10-11 min to write 8x certified media @8x.

I aslo made a Write transfer rate test (as simulation) with PX Tools and i got these strange results;
The First scan showed below is an MCC03 - WTR at 8x
The 2nd scan is a MCC04 - WTR at 12x

:confused: I begin to think it’s an hardware problem (of burner).
Any suggestion?


What is in the slave?

Well,it takes 9 minutes to write 16x certified discs @12x and 10-11 min to write 8x certified media @8x.[quote]Normally it takes less than 7 mins @12x and less than 8 mins @8x.

I don’t think the probelm is your 712a since from your graph it’s capable of 12x.


The slave is Toshiba 1912 and this is my ultra DMA config ( btw don’t know which kind)

MCC03 WTRT reflects its “problem” to write @6x or a bit more …


hmmm, there’s no drive in the slave. How about the Secondary IDE channel?
I can’t say whats in the Device 0 (Periferica 0), but I think its Multiword DMA?


In device 0 it’s written
Tranfer mode - ULTRA DMA if available
Actual transfer mode - Ultra DMA mode

My config.

p.s. it shows a HDD on secondary ide channel but it’s a sata. NO mix here between ODD & hdd


I’m not familiar with that kind of configuration. You have three Primary IDE Channels?

Anyway, did you try uninstalling the ide channel where your 712a is? Try uninstalling from Device manager and windows xp will reconfigure the channel and reinstall ms ide drives.


What is your Hardrive transfer rate?

I had a 80 pin cable on my burner and thought that was enough, but I had to put one on my harddrive also. I could not set my UMDA with my motherboard, it was auto config and with the 40pin it would not configure correctly, but I placed the 80pin, the burn times are perfect.


do you mean my burst tranfer rate…it is 25 mb/sec


Try this link for a nice little program I used to help me with my HardDrive.

HD Tune


thanks i have just downloaded and run it. No prob encountered…


@shin 79. You might try removing the Toshiba from the slave and see if there is any difference. It should work the way it’s set up now but may be worth a try. Also check that your drives are set to Auto in Bios. :slight_smile:

EDIT:You might also check the Intel website for newer chipset drivers. The version I am using is 6.3.0 1005 and ASUS drivers are fairly old Intel drivers IE: Version 5.1.1. This version seems to work better with my S ATA HD. Just check the read me to see if they are compatible with your chipset which I believe they are.


Hii again Crossg, sorry could you explain me that better please? Meanwhile i’m gonna update Intel driver


@Shin_79. Hamp gave you a tool to check your HDD transfer rates, I use a different tool called HD Tach and I saw better transfer rates with my S ATA HDD with the newer chipset drivers than the old ASUS ones. Believe your Chipset is 865 if I remember correctly and mine a 875 but you still may see a difference:)


Current version for Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility is .

Release note: ftp://aiedownload.intel.com/df-support/8638/ENG/relnotes.htm
Direct link: ftp://aiedownload.intel.com/df-support/8638/a08/infinst_autol.exe


Thanx for explanation, crossg. You’re correct my chipset is 865 & yours 875.
Latest drivers as Poaalpina told are I installed it.
Now i have to try your HDD tool and also to remove Toshiba reader.

i’ll have you updated :slight_smile:


@Poaalpina. Thanks for the update. Will give them a try. :slight_smile:
@Shin_79. See I am already giving you Duff info. :bigsmile:


I was wondering if you could tell me what each of your harddrive UDMA. What UDMA is that program telling you?

Click on the “Info” tab, before I use the program, I knew UDMA was on but didn’t know which mode, Because I was using the 40pin cable and my motherboard was auto setting and not recognizing the proper UDMA mode 5(Ultra ATA/100)


I followed Poaalpina direct download link and installed drivers 7.0. Anyway intel chipset shows 6.3.0 1005. Is this normal?
Crossg what about you?


@Shin_79. Yes I just installed the new version and they are the same version of IDE drivers that I had installed already. This could be a version for added chipsets as I noticed in the read me file 955 chipset which I think is new. But your IDE drivers are updated from version 5.x.x. to 6.3.0. now.


This is absolutely normal.

; ****************************************************************************
; ** Filename: ICH5IDE.INF
; ** Abstract: Windows* 2K, XP, 2003 INF Update File for
; ** Intel® 82801 IDE device
; ** Last Update: November 17, 2004 (Version 6.3.0 Build 1005)
; ****************************************************************************
; ****************************************************************************

Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

This is from ich5ide.inf of infinst_autol