SpeedRead for PX-716A doesn't work?



I’ve tried enabling SpeedRead for PX-716A but it doesn’t seem to enable higher than the fixed 2x read speed for DVD video discs using DVD-decrytper, I thought it was supposed to make high speed DVD video ripping the default? I can only get 5-12X speed on dual-layer DVD video discs by holding the eject button down for 3sec first. Is there anyway to enable high speed ripping as the default that doesn’t reset after ejecting a disc?


try checking the speedread tab WHILE decrypting a disc.


But what I what to do is set a default thats saved so I don’t have to do it all the time. The SpeedRead tab is still checked already, but doesn’t seem to speed up DVD-video ripping. Only the manual hold eject button down for 3sec works and that only works for one disc at a time. Is there no way to set it once and have it saved?


Where did you enable SpeedRead? In Plextools-Advanced Settings?

Try enabling SpeedRead in DVD Decrypter (latest version Tools - Settings - and follow this pic.