Speeding up my pc

could anyone suggest any software to speed up my pc like a ram freeing program or something, if they exist. and a program to help my internet connect at a faster rate, i not sure if this is possible either. thing is there are 2 pcs in my house connecting to the same internet account, not at the same time dial up, one connects at 28.0kbps and the most i can get out of mine is 24.0kbps any help on this would be great thank you.

Such things do not exist. The speed of a computer, or rather the potential speed of one is determined by the hardware. CPU speed and amount of RAM installed are the two main factors at work.

Same is true for internet connections. If broadband is available in your area, that is the only way to get faster speeds. Don’t buy into any of the marketing about ‘internet accelerators’.

One last note, while it’s very true that software can slow a computer down, the reverse is not true. A fast computer can be slowed down by too much software or running processes. However a slow computer can never be made faster, regardless of what is done to it software wise.

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What is your internet speed supposed to be? IF it’s 56k, then you either have a problem with your phone lines, or your modem. With 56k, you should be able to get to at least 44k average speed.

TCP Optimizer works pretty good for your internet connection…if it doesn’t then you have line issues.Most likely line noise.Probably old phone lines.As for speeding up your pc…try here to disable some things(apps) in startup and also here for turning off unNeeded services running in the background…it helps tremendously.