Speeding up modem

Hey, I have been wondering if there really is any way I could speed up my modem (dial-up). I know there are alot of programs that claim to do this but I have used a few of them and I think are worthless. I’m still using dial-up and I would like to try and speed it up a little. So does anyone know any tweaks or programs that I could use to speed it up?

Here are my specs if it helps:
Win 98 SE
200 Mhz Pentium
56 Mb RAM
HSP56 MicroModem (56k)

BTW, my d/l speeds presently are about 5.30 kbs on average.

There really isn’t too much you can do. The maximum you’ll get is 7k/s (56kilobits/8=7kilobytes per second), and then there’s always overhead. I once used a program to help my latency in games, but I don’t think there’s anything that can really increase your speed. Get broadband, or by another modem and another phoneline and link em together (don’t quite know HOW to do this, but the Win98 installation told me about it…)

I agree, 5.3k/s is pretty good for modem since I think there’s a law around the U.S. about keeping it under 53kbps. You can’t really improve transfer speed anymore, though I guess you can try tweaking it a bit. The only way you can help is to use those programs that records DNS, which cuts on the time it takes for your modem to browse.

Okay, I didn’t think there was a way either but I just had to check. But while I was thinking about this another question popped into my head. Have any of you heard of high speed dial-up? Its supposed to be alot faster than normal dial-up, but not as fast as cable. I’m pretty sure its not DSL and you can use your old 56K modem. I was just wondering about this so does anyone know anything about it as I’m considering switching.

I think you’re either talkin about ISDN or dialup in s"hotgun" mode, that is two dialups binded together to give u a 128k connection.

Programs which optimize your MTU for modem use might help. Another thing: check if you get the highest connection speed possible, that is: 56000 bps. If you don’t get this connection speed, you might want to check your phone lines.

Increasing the size of the MTU (maximum transmittable Unit) can improve the efficiency of the transfer as less signalling is requred across the modem link.

However, if you have a noisy line, then a lower MTU is better as it lowers the likelihood of getting serious noise across a single block, and if it does happen, there is less data in the block to retransmit.

If the link is noisy and has serious noise, an entire LARGE block may be transmitted several times because the blocks are damaged and the entire black needs to be re-transmitted. It will need to keep re-transmitting until it gets it right.

The other thing is to minimise the length of cable between the modem and the wall socket.

Anything over 5 metres will begin to degrade speed. Anything over 10minutes with standard cable can pretty much ensure that you will never reach above 53.3Kb/s, but more likely 50.666Kb/s, instead of 56Kb/s,