Speeding up LiteOn drives with EAC

I read some peoples complaints about LiteOn drives being slow with EAC in the Secure and even the Fast Mode. I figured it had something to do with the spin up, because after each track, the thing would slow back down and start from ground zero each time while seeking the next track. Well, this sped it up a lot for me, using my LiteOn LTR-24102B. All you do is make sure that in the drive Tab in the Drive Options for EAC, the “Spin Up drive before extraction” is checked. This made sure that the Liteon started at 4x, and continued from there up to as high as it could get throughout the extraction, as long as no errors occurred. I think it made it to 10x for me once in secure mode, which is awesome, when I was averaging 2-3x, with tops at 4-5. It is on average givving me about 5x with secure mode now, but I believe it might be even faster with some more tweaking. It gives me even more if it has not spun down from a previous extraction yet, where it started at 6x and kept going up. Maybe a firmware fix can allow these LiteOn drives to perform even better with their spinup routine with EAC. I hear the caching in these drives slows them down a lot…maybe LiteOn can allow one to switch caching on and off with a new firmware? wishful thinking i guess :slight_smile: