Speeding up an .AVI video

Hey all - hope someone can help.

I’ve got an .AVI file that I’d like to run at 500% of the original speed (video only - audio has been removed) when viewing through normal playback.

At the moment the editing applications I use are Nero 7 (not a great purchase so far…but time may change my opinion) and Virtual Dub Mod.

Is there a way of doing this using the apps mentioned? (explained in laymans terms for a newbie please!).

Thanks - top site btw!

Most AVI full up edit programs will let you scroll and FF throught the AVI! Just go out and check the features before you buy! SONY movie maker and Sonic programs my be able to help as well as many others!

I don’t think I explained it properly - sorry. I want to take an AVI video and speed it up then save it.

Then when the video is played back in a media player using the standard “play” button, it plays at say 5 times the original captured speed.

Does that make sense!?


Doesn’t virtual dub have plugins to increase the framerate?
Then once you’ve done that (and have an AVI that plays at 100FPS ++) you can remove 4/5 frames :wink:

Here are some links!