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Source: www.speedguide.net

Learn how to Uncapp your cable modem. More speed…!

SpeedGuide.net is a popular source of information on improving PC performance, sponsored…

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This doesn’t work with the lame-ass Deltakabel 3.19 isn’t it?

Casema SUX


heh… i can’t wait till i get my DSL line up’n running…Maximum overdrive!


It’s pretty useless if you know the modem is capped at the providers side


but wich patch works good at that site for a cable modem (com21)

Greetingz Woutiir


Hm, with Kabelfoon you cant upgrade your modem, its limited to 10kb a sec. If you want any more speed, you need to buy a extra card and you have to take a other modem.

Just a few more days and we have adsl. Cost a bit more but hej, you have more…

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Cya in a few days again. Need to fix some sjit here…

Sorry Ingie, i will post something new to ya when i have the time…


We have a cablemodem from Motorola, the CyberSurfr that can be uncapped according to Speedguide.net.
There however is nowhere a link to the codes on that page.
Does anyone know where to get the codes/software to uncap that modem?
I know it can be (un)capped by the ISP because they did that a while back (capped from 768 Kbps to 128 Kbps )


You must go to the correct place in the website. It will tell you what you need to know and yes it works.:smiley:


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