Speed3.01 scans of ricoh-R01 107v2b5DLBS

I just got a nu tech ddw-082 and as this drive can do jitter testing i thought it would be interesting to do two scans one with my lite-on 812s@832s Fw VS04
and one with nu DDW-082 Fw B375of a 2500a@2510a burn done with ricoh-R01 media at 8x using herrie’s 107v2b5DLBS

The disk was created on 2510a Fw 107v2b5DLBS using nero speed3.01 then scanned using the the same program on both the 832s and 082.

As you see the nu 082 scan is got much different look to its pi graph then 832s scan but both scans show the 2510a burn at 8x is still very good.

How to tell good scans on nero speed3.01

PIE <= 280
PIF <= 4
JITTER < 15.5%

Interesting comparison KenW. :smiley:
Are the scans similar on both testing drives when the PIE/PIF rates are higher?
It seems that one should not compare their LiteOn drive scans to NU drive scans due to the difference in errors reported…

I dont know, I do know that the kp2 and speed3 scan on the 832 look about 1:1

As to comparing nu to liteon scan I was not thinking of that but just that the nu has jitter scan.

How does your Nu-082 react to -R media. Mine has all kinds of problems. Many times trying to run CD/DVD Speed on -R locks up my system and requires a hard restart. Sometimes it will run, but pauses and the read speed line jumps all over the place. Other times, the same -R disk will run fine. Attached are 2 examples of the same disc. I never have this problem with +R like RicohjpnR01. I’m thinking of returning this drive.

Nothing else is running when this happens. I have tried OptidiscR004, RitekG04, ProdiscS03.

what is that! The speed line look like its gone epileptic i never seen mine look like that, mine looks more like top graph.

I have been told that speed3.01 may have level problem with nu tech scans as the person that told me this also wrote the bitsetting program for nu tech I would believe what he tells me. If you can try scanning the bad disk with odd speed graph on lite-on and see how the pi/po look. That scan is just way to off to be true.

This optodiscR004 dvd-r 4x burn

I don’t have a lite-on. I just bought this Nu-082 to do scanning with. It’s a terrible writter (maybe I’m just spoiled with my 2500a). Does -R media ever cause delays or lock up your system when testing with the Nu-082?

Well not yet, my nu tech ddw-082 is dated feb 2004 and came with fw b370 i loaded b375 right off and only tried the optodisc -R on it so far and RicohR01 and mcc002 dvd+R both burned wonderful at 8x.

my setup is this. if this helps.

WinXP Pro SP1 / intel D845BGL / P4_2.4a 512k L2 Northwood
1GB DDR / Maxtor 80GB,20GB HDD / ATI Radeon 9600 128mb / Audigy2

Liteon SOHW-812s@832s firewire encloser
Nu ddw-082 pri mas
n/a pri slav empty
Nec ND-2500a@2510a sec mas
Pioneer DVR-107D sec slav

HDD 80gb ata/133 card pri mas
HDD 20gb ata/133 card sec mas

I’ve tried every possible combination and position for this drive. One of the times it hung up, it came back with an error that said “Tracking Servo Error” I think I’ll have to RMA it Monday. I hope I have better luck with the next one.

Have you been happy with your Nu-o82?
Here are 2 burns at 4x on the Nu drive. One each of RicohjpnR01 & ProdiscS03. Both burns look pretty bad. Something has to be wrong with this drive.

Just for comparison, here are the same 2 tests/media, but burned with my 2500a in this same computer.

Wish I had magic bullet for you but I’m clue less. Id RMA the drive I got bad liteon 812s the first time around but second one does ok.

michaelc, I pointed out your NU scanspeed issues to Erik Deppe (Author of CD-DVD Speed). He has not seen or heard reports of this type of issue before, so it looks like it is specific to your drive.
CD-DVD Speed v3.1 was just released. You may want to update and test further…

Thanks! I down loaded and tried 3.10 last night but still had many of the same problems so I’m sending it back to newegg today. Hopefully it’s just a bad drive and the replacement won’t have all these problems.

Thanks again, Michael