Speed varying by batch

You can buy Fujifilm (TY)'s labeled 24x, 32x and 48x. Some users have reported that the 24x and 32x perform just as well as the 48x. I think lot of the prices ($12/50) reported for Fujifilm (TY) have been for the lower speed labels?

I just bought a Fujifilm spindle of 50 from Radio Shack that is marked with a “Up to 48x” graphic on the label on side of the spindle (price was hideous but I needed them ASAP).

Question is, what significance do these labels have? Our testing a few batches may not answer this question. For any product having worth dependent on a number (i.e. accuracy tolerance or in this case speed) manufacturers often sort out their production at the batch-testing phase into various grades. Once the need for the premium grade inventory has been met, the excess is dumped into a lower grade “bin”. So product labeled to be the lowest grade may actually be premium grade one month and low grade the next - depending on the manufacturer’s inventory levels, yields and backlog.

The labels are expected to state the minimum speed which is not always the typical speed. Typical speed for lower speed (and some OEM) labels might vary a lot from batch to batch.

If this were the situation, on this end our testing would sometimes show premium performance for all labeled grades (and OEM labels) but other times show major differences.

I’m wondering how they sort and label grades at TY and Fujifilm (TY).