Speed up burning avi files?

i have a dell 580 ,64 bit,i 3cpu.3.2g, it has a lg, gh50n burner,it is taking about 12 min to burn 2 gigs,it yous-to take 7or 8 min. any idea how to speed up burning on this model, firmware is b 104, looked for newer firmware,any tools to help with this, thanks for any help on this.x bill

I have a couple of questions about this:

[li]is there any conversion of the source material involved?
[/li][li]where is the source material stored? (internal HDD, external HDD, NAS, whatever)
[/li][li]what blank media is used?
[/li][li]what software?
[/li][li]what write speed was set?

Perhaps this helps narrowing down the problem.


no conversion,internal HDD,verbatim16x,nero software,8x speed, avi files, xbill

I think the burning finishing is delayed by closing the disc, this also needs some extra time when not using the full capacity of a disc.

Could you post the Nero log (or at least part of it)?

Other idea: The source material was on a heavily fragmented partition.