Speed test results required for Plextor 116 A Version 2

If anybody owns this drive can they post back some nero speed test results for this drive.

Using Nero cd/dvd speed I would like start,finish and average speed of these types of mediA.

  1. Pressed dvd 5
  2. Pressed dvd 9
  3. DVD-r (Good quality media burned at normal speed)
  4. DVD+r (Good quality media burned at normal speed)

I have just tested a pioneer 121 which is probably the same drive with different firmware. It reads pressed dvd5/9 very very fast but is very slow at dvd-r starting at only 2.15 speed.

Does this thread help?

Thanks for the reply, These results are interesting but Iwanted results for the 116A Version2 not 116A.

Would it be possible for cdfreaks to do a round up from time to time?