Speed reduction during burn, 215D 1.22

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-215D. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]When I burn on Verbatim DVD+R DL (mkm003) at 6x or more the burner pauses every now and then. According to the burner program the media is certified for up to 10x.

I have burnt a couple of these and they seem OK. Just wondering if this is a normal behavior, or could be an indication of a problem.


Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display about 30 MB/sec.

[14:17:23] Starting burst rate test
[14:17:25] Interface burst rate: 40 MB/sec (41153 KB/sec)
[14:17:25] Elapsed Time: 0:02

Seems fine. So this ensures that the burn is of good/decent quality?

Btw, I attached a dump of the transfer test aswell.

Is the quality of the above recording OK?

Then I guess it doesn’t matter if the burner pauses several times during the recording.

Any drive will always check the quality of the disc while it’s burning, although MKM media has always been very good, there could still be a bad disc or batch. So, the drive will be “smart” enough to not allow burning up to 10x if it thinks the disc’s quality is below average.

These MKM003 are Made in ???


I use K3B (Growisofs) in Linux for burning. Next time I’ll use Imgburn i Windows and see if it behaves similar.

The same behavior is shown using ImgBurn i Vista. Perhaps it’s my dvd:s that are of bad quality.