Speed Rate on DVD SHRINK

Hi guys

I have a small and strange problem regarding the speed rate kb/s on my PC. I recently bought a NEC 3500AG DVD-RW drive and i am very delighted with the speed and the quality of its burning. The strange thing is that when i open DVD SHRINK and analyse the copied disc the rate starts from 1.100 for example and start rising slowly which means this fisrt analysis lasts about 40 seconds. Trying another copied disc which has been burned on a NEC 3500 drive but on my friends computer i got much bigger numbers like 4.000 kb/s. I have an AMD 64 3000+ on an ASUS K8N-E deluxe MB 768 MB RAM and a SEAGATE 120GB ATA133 HD.


If you are using Nforce IDE drivers try to change to MS IDE drivers which come with Windows. Many seem to have problems with NFORCE IDE drivers.

Thank you koba i ll try it and post back

Success :bow: