Speed Probs with Emprex 1008



Hi all,

I have an Emprex 1008 Dual 8x DVD writer. I have used Firmware to upgrade it to Ver 0758 (the latest one) and that was fine. However, I am having a problem with Write Speeds…

Before I did the Firmware stuff, I was able to write dvds at a speed of 4. Afterwards, I can only get it to write at a speed of 2 even though I am using the same writer/software. I then managed to kill the drive by trying to flash again, so got it replaced…brand new writer…upgraded the firmware again. The funny thing is, it still will only record at a speed of 2x even though it could record at 4x before. Does anyone have any suggestions on why this could be. I have even tested the discs with NeroSpeed and that can test them at 4x (in the test) but only write at 2x…

Please help somebody!!


What type of media? What speed is the media certified for? Run the media through DVDInfo and see if the firmware supports it. You may need a different media to get a better write speed.