Speed Problems

Hi all, i try to be faster with my situation here :wink:
I try to burn some dvds at 6x, 8x, no more… on my computer and main buffer and burner buffer go up and down all the time… i try to understand if was some transfer speed problem, i think yes… but i dont know if this is for my old computer or theres some other point to view.
This happen just at beginning in 6x, all the time at 8x, but in 4x the buffers are stable and quiet full.
Takes around 9 minutes to make a 8x disc, i have no problems to read the disc later so i think the burning quality is still good but i want stable buffers to can use my burner at higher speeds.

Computer : DVDRW Pioneer DVR-110D, DVDROM ASUS E616P2, Mobo MSI K7N2GL (has 2 ide controlers ATA), 512mb 400mhz, Sempron 2600+ 1800mhz aprox, Hitachi 80gb 7200rpm ATA.
In Primary master i have hard disk and DVDrw at slave.
In Sec master i have dvdrom and some old cdrw at slave.
All units have DMA activated and the two ide channels are with 80pin cable.
Software : Nero 7

I also try to put the reader and burner units in the same IDE channel and still the problem, y also try with the burner on Secondary Master and the dvdrom in Primary Slave, and the problem persists…

Something to recomend my? maybe i need to burn my computer and buy some new parts hehehe
THANKS ALL, this forum and this comunity is amazing :bow: :cop:

Hmm… Looks like you tried the best cures. I would try to uninstall primary and secondary IDE channels (found in device Manager), then reboot. And also hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and see how much RAM u have available. 512 Mb if u run XP is not an awful lot.

i try uninstall on both ide channels. comp restart, detect and reinstall channels. i try again with the copy on the fly at 8x with Nero, and is the same, read buffer go down, followed burner buffer go down, recording pauses, read buffer fills again the burner buffer and the copy follows some seconds and again the same with buffsss.
Memory is 512mb free, i have a video card with onboard memory.
I put the recorder and the dvdrom in other computer with 384mb ram, athlon xp 2000, asrock k7vm ata100, 80pin cable on both channels.
And is the same !!!
i think i need some dual core with 2gb memory and faster satas with some hard disk of 15.000rpm. LoL
:frowning: any ideas? :frowning:

512 Mb cannot all be free. Depending on the number of processes running in the background you should have anywhere between 10 to 100% RAM taken. So try what i said before and we’ll see.
p.s. It shows in Windows Task Manager

sorry now i understand what u say :bow:
is on spanish and says :
Memoria Fisica (kb)
Total 523760
Disponible (free) 2165xx (xx coz this last digits goes up and down)
cache sistema 225292

can this affect the ¨on the fly¨ burn speed?

recent i try doing a dvdiso from files on HDD. Buffer on 98% during the 8 minutes aprox.
i try doing on the fly with another dvdrom, an Sony ddu1612 (lite on oem) to see if was a Asus e616p2 problem, but i dont think, because this drive works at DMA5 (this shows winXP) and the sony works in DMA2.

:eek: :eek: :eek: i do the final test with the pioneer burning and the sony dvdrom reading, and the same problem.
i try this on the 2 systems.
:a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a

Mem usage looks about right for XP. If u really need to copy on the fly, try to shut down all the “pest” processes such as antiviruses and all the start up crap. Or otherwise u need a machine with more “vroom” or horse power :wink:
P.S. I like “disponible” - my first Spanish lesson :o :smiley:

:sad: shut down all process on memory… including some antivirus stuff… and… :sad: on the fly copy at 8x is :Z :sad:
OMG i suposse to do and upgrade to my system…
Somebody have another idea? somebody can do on the fly copy at 8x with no transfer speed problems?

helppppppppppppppppp :confused: :doh: :sad:

PS disponible is coz my system is on spanish, im from Argentina, so far in the south of America… (in some trip to Europe somebody says me ¨… ohhh thats in the end of the world :cool: ¨)