Speed problem with Record Now 4.6

I have a Plextor Dvd-R PX708A.

I use Datawrite Classic Red Top 4 x. But when I burn an image in RecordNow 4.6 normally I could choose burning speed with my old burner (Sony Dru510A) and now I only can choose Min, Mid and Max).

Here is the odd thing, even when I choose Min, it still burns the dvd-r at 4 x speed. Anyone know why this happens?
I burn some backup xbox games, and I do not want them to be burned at 4x speed.

bump on this topic, I have almost the same problem. Im using rnm 4.5 with the 507 pxengine on a plextor 708a and the min record speed is 2x. I would prefer 1x on my ps2 backups since they don’t skip as much when written at 1x. Also it doesn’t matter what media is inserted if any the min speed will still be 2x.

Anyone have any ideas? a pic is included to show the missing 1x option.

Select MAX speed and let the Plex decide…