Speed problem with pioneer a06/106 drive

Hi Folkz,
just seeking some input.

I purchased a pioneer DVR-106D drive today and am less than impressed with it’s ability to read dvd’s.

When I read a complete dvd with my pioneer dvd120s I average around 8x

When I read a dvd with my dvr-106D I get around 2.1x

is there some driver I should have loaded for this particular drive to increase the performance, or is it possible I have a defective drive?

Writing at 4x on DVD-R media, isn’t a problem, just reading seems to take forever!



Perhaps, like Toshiba, the firmware limits read speed on copyrighted DVDs?

yes this is quite annoying have 2 keep putting in dvdrom from xbox in pc and back and forth!!! really need another IDE CARD!!!

Yes, the Pioneer 106/A06 is limited to 2x ripping speed. It’s actual speed is 12x, but to get this you need the hacked firmware which is available on the net.
If you want it I can hook you up with it.

If you use an unofficial firmware (I like those, they give very good speeds etc), you need to know one thing: by installing those firmwares, you void the warranty on your drive. So if it’s worth it to you, pay a visit fo http://www.rpc1.org and check their firmwares section!

Yeh that’s true, but every drive I’ve ever had I’ve flashed and never had a problem yet. I love these guys who hack the firmware.

I mean who the hell wants a drive that’s limited to 2x ripping and region locked. I hate it when limitations are purposely put on the hardware by manufacturers, I don’t see the point.

Now I just wish someone would hack the Pioneer 106 firmware so the damn thing will overburn CDR’s, this inability is a big dissapointment to me.