Speed problem with benq media - please help

Hi, I’m new here

Just wanted to say hi and ask for some advice

I have a LiteOn 1653s, and got some speed issues, the discs are Benq and are labeled as 16x but the average speed is 2.1x

I have upddated the firmware with the latest from CodeKing and the result is the same. Searching thru the web for benq media I couldn’t find any 16x benq. maybe the discs are labeled as 16x when they are really 2x? I will try with TDK just to see if the problem is the media or the drive.

If anyone has any idea why this happen I will appreciate it


Sounds like DMA off.

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I checked and… nope… DMA is on (DMA Ultra Mode 2)…
Yesterday I recorded a TDK 8x DVD +R and it did an average of 6.5x, so I think the media is the problem, or the -R of the benq DVD I recorded, I will try with a 16x +R Benq to see if there’s a difference.