Speed or quality?

I’ve tried to find an answer… but I haven’t find it yet!

I find that modified firmware in many cases improves nec 3520 performance and quality… but a lot of users, dee too, say that stock firmaware can reach the edge of quality… I mean… If I want to burn a cd with the maximum quality, of course I use the best media (verbatim, sony, tdk), which firmware is better? I burn my dvds for my home dvd player (samsung dvd, divx palyer) and want that all my dvd play with no errors and full quality…

is bitsetting so important??? If not, why should I flash my nec with a modded one if the quality decrease?

Can you suggest me?


I have always favoured stock firmwares over hacked ones. However the current one available that Liggy and Dee have been working not only gives some nice speed bumps is also gives a significant increase in burn quality, well on the media I have used with it it has, i had some opto discs (never again) that were unreadable near the end burnt at 8x stock but looked superb when burnt at 12x using the modded firmware

Quality over speed any day!

It’ll be nice to have both at the same time, but one should always side with quality, IMO. In short, go for quality. Just go find something to do for about 10 minutes or so while you’re burning your discs. :slight_smile:

Well the some of the modified firmware are so good that theombine speed and quality. Dee and Liggy make especially good firmware.

is bitsetting so important???

I think it is very important for compatibility reasons - especially when companies delibratly make products not play or struggle with +R(W) media while set to DVD-ROM they play perfectly.

Also my cousins PS2 will not play +R (+R) +RW (+RW) media but bitset the discs (even +RW) and they play with no freezing/FMV problems.

Unofficial firmwares are better IMO, provided that you know what you are doing (meaning that you don’t just burn all media at maximum supported speed). Actually the unofficial is all that the official has, plus some media speed-ups and unlocking of some features.

If you are after quality, then I suggest:

  • Use quality media. Famous brands like TDK, Philips, Fujifilm, Sony, usually have Grade A medias, that should burn perfect at the stock rated speed and quite ofter at higher speed as well.

  • Burn the media at the proper speed. If you use unofficial firmware, selecting the maximum supported is a risk, because it might be a bit “aggressive” and will surely require a Grade A media.

It would help a lot, if your DVD-ROM drive was capable of a recording quality analysis. NEC is roumored to add this feature to its 35xx drives and that will be just great.