Speed of "Creating DVD files" in Clone DVD2

I used to be able to go through Clone DVD2 (When copying one of my new protected DVDs) and when I got to the section where it Creates DVD files, it would only take 15 to 20 minutes to perform this function and write the new DVD. Now, it takes over an hour.
Is there some setting somewhere that needs to be adjusted ? Any help on this issue would be a great help.

Are you using IDE drives? Did you check if DMA is enabled?

I’m sorry, I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to this stuff, so I really don’t know how to answer your question.
You are speaking to a complete Dummy when it comes to these things.

Download and install a burning program called ImgBurn (free to use and will not interfere with anything else). Start the program, click on Tools–>Reset DMA.

Reboot the machine. See if that helps.

ImgBurn can be found here: www.imgburn.com

You can also use the Microsoft FixIt tool. Click on the link in my signature that says [I]Microsoft support for optical drives[/I].