Speed of conversion?

Hi, I’m just trying this product out at the moment. I’m converting now and I’m just wondering what kind of speeds/times you get. Obviously depends on your system, mine is a Pentium 4 3.2Ghz 1Gb Ram XP Home.

I seem to running anything from 5fps to about 20fps max. I’ve tried shutting other programs down but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I notice shutting the video preview helps too.

I bring this up because I am surprised how slow the conversion is compared to other software such as DVD Shrink and WinAVI. Also the grabs in the review here showed rates of 30-40fps and that was on a much lower specced PC than mine. D’you think it might be my PC that has a problem?

BTW the product I’m talking about is ConvertXtoDVD V2 :doh:

Hi there,

ConvertXtoDVD and DVDShink are not doing the same job !

DVDShrink takes a video frame and compresses it.

ConvertXtoDVD takes a video stream and modifies it, changes it from 25fps and makes it 29.97fps using Pulldown, can take a 16:9 format and converts it to 4:3.

No idea how this is done (Technical Stuff) but I assume it’s the reason why the time is not the same.

mine is a Pentium 4 3.2Ghz 1Gb Ram XP Home.

I seem to running anything from 5fps to about 20fps max.

That is strange, I have a P4 @3.2 Ghz with 1.5gb ram.

I sometimes hit up to 50fps (Depends on the input file type).

Take a 725mb .AVI file (120 mins) and converts it in about 45 minutes to 1 hour. (Takes about 50% of the movie play time).

I love ConvertXtoDVD and nothing else will replace it.

Yes I know there are lots of CCE Encoder fans in here which they use with The Film Machine, but my personal choice stops on VSO ConvertXtoDVD !

Speed varies a lot depending on how much work ConvertX has to do. Depends on the input file and the output settings you choose as cougar ii said. My speeds have ranged from about 15 to as much as 80 fps for some mpg input on a P4, 2.6 GHz, 1 GB PC.

Background processes, malware, file fragmentation, hard drive setup, etc., can slow things down. Outputting to a different hard drive than the one with the input files is faster.

Seems to be happy converting at about 0.5x or 14 fps. The only thing I find that affects it is shutting the video preview off. I’ve changed the settings for the conversion priority and the effect is minimal. Actually running Azureus in the background doesn’t slow it up much! I’ve also disabled antivirus (AVG) and firewall (zonealam) and it doesn’t do much.

I’ve probably got a badly set up PC, I’ve only had one for about 4 years so I’m still wet behind the ears really. :sad:

I’ve only converted and burnt one DVD so far and it had audio sync problems. Anyone else have this?

Hi there,

I’ve only converted and burnt one DVD so far and it had audio sync problems. Anyone else have this?

You probably have lots of 00ms Audio Missing in the logs right ?

Yes, v2.0.9 and v2.0.11 will need some work on the AVI Demuxer it seems to support those damaged files.

VSO will be working on this within the next month.
Seems lots of work will be involved.

If you get a clean input files, there is no more Out Of Sync issues like in the past, just those with audio issues in them.

Yeah, I’ve read about the problems.

I’ve been using AVI Mux GUI to check the files for delays and change them accordingly. This seems to help but there are still issues.

Apparantly, the newer beta versions are including something to combat this, but not in my version.

Still, quite impressive overall.

Don’t know if you have tried more conversions and found some faster than you first reported. Most people report that ConvertX is fast compared with other programs.

If you want to establish a base, try converting one of the VOB files in ConvertX output, either on your hard drive or a DVD, using the same settings initially used to produce that output. I get about 55 fps when doing that; you should get near that or more. Anything much less on your machine indicates some improvements could be made.

Hi there,

There is currently no ßeta version :disagree:

v2.0.11.123 is the latest and is a public version.

And yes, if your input files has those XXms Audio Missing, yes it will probably be Out Of Sync.

99.9% of my .AVI files do not have those warnings, so v2.0.9 and v2.0.11 has been good to me for that :bow:

Conversion speed is affected also by number (and format) of audio and subtitle streams.
So if you have multiple audio or subtitle streams, you can select to keep only ones you need. This will speed it up quite much.

However, if you get that slow speed with every file then there is something wrong with your system.
HiJackThis is very helpful in revealing problems!

hey, that was very good, i didnt know that…

excuse my language but ConvertXtoDVD is DAMN GOOd! Now these are the types of tool & utils i like 2 see. customer interaction, one Hel of a program and a company willing 2 work with its buyers.

it gets 9+ stars from me (not 10 cause i dont wanna seem biased ha-ha, u knowi am)

its just sweet, of coure there maybe a ltiile error here or there but for what i do s…t nothing else even comes close.

Well, I got v2.0.12.126 and the audio problems have completely disappeared and it’s really great now - the finished output looks great and the interface is so easy.


I’m still getting low speeds. (0.6x). It usually starts at around 0.9x and drops quickly to 0.6x in about 20 seconds.

My system is generally clean, I have just defragged all my hard drives 2x160GB internal and a 160GB and a 250GB external. It also makes no difference which combination of HDs I use. I run AVG antivirus, Zonealarm, and run Spybot regularly.


Can anybody help me do some basic checks on the setup of my PC because I get the feeling something is set up wrong to get low performance like this. Someone mentioned HiJackThis. If I grabbed this maybe it would tell me something…? But like I said Spybot hasn’t shown up anything ther than the usual collection of tracking cookies.

Remember I have a 3.2 Pentium 4 with 1Gb Ram running XP Home

I can check your HiJackThis log. Just PM it to me.

However, since you have not mentioned anything about your original files - it might be just due that.
Files that are close to DVD standard convert faster, as there is less work to do.

Hi again,

I’m still getting low speeds. (0.6x). It usually starts at around 0.9x and drops quickly to 0.6x in about 20 seconds.

JJ is right, the input file makes the difference.

I found a few weird files, where ConvertXtoDVD things it’s 1000fps compared to 25 or 29.97 or 30fps etc…

I did get weird speeds like this too :iagree:

The speed value on the botton, is based on the input file FPS pretty sure.

So if the software is converts 50 fps per second, and the input file is 25 fps, you should see x2.0 for the speed.

Now if this input file has 1000fps, doing 50fps will give you 0.05fps

Comments VSO ? Anyone else ?

before making any comment, I’d like to have the log file for the conversion so we can see for sure where the problem comes from.