Speed of Burning

I am wondering if the actual speed of a burn affects the quality of the burn? Recently I have been using Ritek G04’s and they aren’t playing very reliably in my POS dvd player. I know the player has a factor in this, but was wondering anyways.

If I drop the speed down to 1x, is it a more thorough burn or anything like that?

yes … the lower the speed of the burn the better in my experiencing

i usually burn at 8x … and sumtimes it will have a few glitches but still plays good, but 4x usually burns perfectly for me

I do have to say that of the two movies I have watched, after burning them with the speed set to 4x (4x Riteks), they have played perfectly. Which I had not seen until now with Ritek. Memorex was working great with the speed set to Maximum.

That statement is not true, “The slower the burn the better”. I have burnt @ 12X and ran test on the burnt media and everything was fine, movie played perfect, test on Media showed no more then “11” PIE and none on the POF

I’m having a problem with Ritek G04 (-R) inkjet writables. Unfortunately I bought 75 and between reboxing and shipping, it’s hardly worth sending them back to Meritline. I had used the Ritek +R’s (id’d as RICCOHJPN 01) before with great success. However, the G04’s look like a mountain at the end of a disk quality check using NeroCD/DVD Speed. I have a Liteon 811S set to burn at 4x. One forum says to set my Write Strategy to force off (?) at the end, which supposedly slows down the writing at the end of the disk. How do you set the write strategy? I use CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD (was using DVD Decrypter). Any ideas? :confused: