Speed of Burning


I have just started to use Nero 6, and am finding that it takes a painful amount of time to burn movie files (around 3-4GB) to a DVD.

I find it takes about 4-5 hours, if not more.

Does anybidy have any idea how I can speed this process up at all?

I am burning using NeroVision Express.

Please HELP… lol


What speed/brand is your burner? What media are you using? Are you encoding from AVI to MPEG2, or are you just making a copy of a movie?

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Nero determines the max speed of your writing media, and it is determining this to be 2x.

I am encoding from avi, to the default file type that Nero defines by way of writing to the media.


This is your problem. Nerovision can’t burn the file directly on a disc because it do a conversion in video DVD, and this require a long time (depending on your CPU power).

If you burn an already converted movie you should be able to burn faster

Are you just trying to burn the files as data so that you can use them on your computer, or are you wanting to convert them to dvd so that they can play on a normal standalone dvd player? If you want to convert them to dvd, nero must convert the avi files to mpeg2 (which is what dvd uses) and that is what takes so long, the conversion, and as others have said, it is dependant on the speed of your computer. I can do it in around 3 hours or less for a full dvd’s worth of video on an athlon xp 2500@3200, with 1 gig pc3200. I have heard of it taking less that 2 hours on an athlon 64 system.
If you just want to burn the avi files as data to a dvd (they will not be converted to dvd and will not play in standalone players but can be read on your computer), select the make data dvd option in nero, which takes substantiall less time.
Also, what media are you using that is 2x? That is half an hour of your time right there. USe dvd identifier to check the media id on your disks.

This is obviously part of your problem. Harley asked about the burner & the media you’re using.
With a max speed of 2x it appears that your burners firmware is not recognising the media so giving the details he asked for is quite important. For the media we need the Media ID. Nero’s CD-DVD Speed will give you this under Disc Info.